I've been bugging Wei Min for months to tag along with me to River Safari, and one super happy day (for me at least), he saw a deal online and we snagged it immediately because it was such a steal of a deal! (ikr this tongue twister so cool)

However, we had to rush to the park a day after our chalet before it expired, which is why you see me wearing slippers and taking pictures using our smartphones again! Fortunately, thanks to Ziqi and with the help of Bush, Cher and WM, I managed to buy the cute romper from March Shop!

So here we are at the main hall of Singapore Zoo. We woke up slightly earlier to purchase the Amazon River Quest Boat Ride tickets, but was glad to realize that the deal voucher we bought already included Boat Ride admission for two!

*Tip: Go earlier to purchase your Boat Ride tickets, because there are limited seats available.
Opening Hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Admission Fee: $25 (Adult), $16 (Child)
Boat Ride: $5 (Adult), $3 (Child)

Although this stupid crocodile was a fake, it managed to burn my ass the moment I sat on it, which explains why I'm squatting by its side. The smile was there for picture-taking purposes - all I wanted to do that moment was to attack that crocodile, but that would mean  burning my hand so it's k. #crocwins

Look who came to River Safari too!! *sneakily snaps picture with this bunch of adorable kids* *they are holding hands too* *SQUEALS*

Since our Boat RIde wasn't until about 2 - 3 hours' time, we decided to walk in a clockwise motion from the entrance at the bottom - walking half the map before reaching the top (see the two cute pandas above), just in time to take the Boat Ride! Click here for the full map!

The first half of the map covered seven rivers, from the Mississippi River to the Yangtze River. It mainly featured our underwater sea creatures (alligators, puffer fish, catfish), while the other half of the map (from the Boat Ride onwards) featured mainly the land animals like wolfs and my favorite monkeys!! *-* (tell you guys more later!!)

My very own monkey :*
Here we are at Yangtze River - the final stop before the main attraction...

Hello Kai Kai and Jia Jia!! And the cute girl on the right. ;)
Entering into the Giant Panda Forest was a literal breeze because the weather was so warm outside but once we stepped in, the cool air of the air-conditioned biodome just made me feel like staying with the pandas the entire day.

We first took a closer look at the two other species of animals location in the biodome - the Red Pandas and Golden Pheasants!

One of my favourite animals there were our furry-friends, the Red Pandas! They have a rust-coloured fur coat and fox-like face, where people know as the firefox. And most importantly, they look super cuddly and cute!!!

Went to look at the Golden Peasant and take a picture of it, but out of the ten over shots I took, there were only a few shots I took of it that was looking towards my sight! Other than that, all they did was bury their heads in their fur, pretending to be fidgeting and all but all they seem to be doing is just shy away from the crowd hehe. Cute!

Finally, we spotted the sushi roll lazing in its exhibit...


Doesn't it look like a tiny roll of B&W sushi from afar, with its black fur looking like seaweed HAHA either that or I have very vivid imagination.

Media crews gathered at the exhibit for interviews and recordings.

Now, let's have the crew to interview us on the similarities between Wei Min and the pandas... ;)

Now, that's the question...

1. Pandas can't stop EATING.

Poor thing being forced by me to pose like this hehe.
20 kg of Bamboo a day = 100 bowls of rice a day? Close enough. 

2. Pandas poop a LOT. 

"We poop as often as 50 times and produce up to 20 kg of waste a day."
You don't know how often Wei Min makes trips to the toilet (and how stinky his poop can be).

3. Pandas very much love sleep.

"Hi. Just lazing around in my crib. Bye."
Need I say more? HAHA.

Most importantly, I love taking pictures with both of them! Look at the cute little pink baby panda by my side, and the poker faced panda not giving a shit about anything but still staying in the picture hehe.

And not a single f* was given. xD

Alright, enough of the comparison hehe he's gonna be reading this and strangling me in his mind again. :*

A proper photo taken with Kai Kai and Jia Jia as our background wallpaper! Cheese! =)

Jia Jia and Kai Kai's food menu exhibited behind this glass panel!

Gosh, it must be great being able to live the life of a panda, eating and sleeping all day long in an enclosed air-conditioned area. And of course, not forgetting how cute they look!! ^^

They also provided televisions with CCTV live feeds of the pandas' dens if they are not seen in the biodome.

Afterwards, we headed to the Mama Panda Kitchen just right at the exit of the dome.

Finally got the try the highly-raved Panda Pau!! Also purchased the drink because I got the keep the adorable  bottle!

Just for your information, the Chocolate Panda Pau has yellow eyes while the normal Red Bean Panda Pau has white eyes! And the chocolate one tasted rather fine. =)

After eating, we went to take our Amazon River Quest Boat Ride! Yippee! In the middle of the ride, we actually got a little wet because of the water splashes from the ride. Nevertheless, it was exciting, and I happened to be wearing slippers too - lucky me!! *sniggers at Wei Min's sneakers* *hehe punny not* 

On the Boat! We got our seat belts fastened before proceeding on. Kinda sad though because I wanted to take a picture of us in the boat but the guide told us that they'll do so during the end of the ride, but when we came back, he didn't take any. >:(

Filming a video of our journey! Tried our best to spot the jaguar but we really couldn't because it was probably camouflaged or hiding somewhere, and all the video had were trees, land, grasses and our voices going, "OMG find the jaguar!!" "Eh where ah?" "Cannot find eh.." 

So fail but it's k let's just pretend that we saw the animals though woohoooooo smile =D Still have many more other animals to go!

The prettiest animal yet I saw in River Safari! It's reddish pink and so pretty!! Can you see that its feathers have gradients and white tints on them?!

Throughout the ride, Wei Min was so excited to see monkeys and interested in them. I was curious and wondered why, but all he said was "Just cute lah, just cute lah."

After the boat ride, we went to the Squirrel Monkey Forest and I found out why...

These squirrel monkeys are super smart and hilarious!! They climb around actively and playfully, and every time they see food from passers-by (e.g. inside a baby pram - thankfully with no baby), they'd go over sneakily to take a look! (Don't worry it didn't manage to snatch the food away and nobody was hurt)

Once their keeper approached the area, even though she hasn't intended to feed them food yet, they all started crowding around her and stared at her pockets like the picture above!!

This little monkey even went to tug her just to take a peek! The keeper playfully tapped the monkey's head and it scurried away for a while before coming back again in search for food! The keeper used her hands to cover her pockets, yet the monkey tried taking her hands away and reached in and finally managed to take a nut! It happily runs away while the rest of the monkeys started to chase it HAHA THEY ARE JUST SO EPIC AND CUTE. (The keeper even laughed a little despite the nut being stolen from her pocket LOL.)

I guess why Wei Min really like monkeys because they are just so playful and naughty like him LOL. =P

After a long time observing the cute monkeys in action, we went to the last station - the Amazon Flooded Forest, which consisted of otters, stingrays, and eels. I like otters! ^^

After a long tiring day, we had to finally sit down (ok sitting in the boat wasn't counted hor, we were busy taking pictures!! Hahaha) and I started using the iPhone app's self-timer to take our picture.

Look at me acting all candid (yes, acting) while him being the real candid one because he was staring at God-knows-what LOL. - totally no interest in taking the picture - 

Went to a nearby place to have waffles (not at River Safari, though) and a Pasar Malam to eat yummy Tako and some kind of breaded prawn! Love night markets!

Check out my new moustache :-)
That's the end of our River Safari trip! Love exploring Singapore hehe keep them attractions coming in woooooo!