As the title says, there are many perks to being a blogger. Events, sponsorship, exclusive sneak peeks, monetary prizes... The list just goes on and on! However, I'll just be focusing on 10 top reasons on why I made the statement above based on my own opinions, why I love being a blogger, and the great opportunities it had offered me till today. =)

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I'm sure many people who first started out blogging never really did think about what they might gain from this platform. Almost all of us created this space for ourselves to either rant about our daily activities during our lower secondary school days, or basically just for us to express any thoughts on what we saw as an online diary.

However, things change. Blog communities slowly expanded, bloggers got more experienced in handling blogging tasks (coding, templates, image hosting), and not forgetting the fact that we are all on social media platforms, thus, how quickly things spread online. Soon, most of us, and I emphasized MOST of us, found ourselves taking the first step into a different world of the blogosphere - joining blog clubs.

This is where the 'greater perks' unfold. =)
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Lanyards from previous events and media launches
Skip the queues and the paying of entry fees - Bloggers get Media Passes for different events and meetings. Here are some of my old lanyards that I found at home from past events, along with the Poshism pass during my days as a part-time photographer for Fashion Feud 2012.

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Nuffnang Lovin' food tasting gathering in the month of April
Get exclusive entry to try out a new line of service or product - be it food tasting sessions, electronics, complimentary beauty products or fashion clothing and accessories, we love it! And it's definitely not a problem putting up blog reviews because (1) press kits and attachments are given to aid in our writing (2) helps you gain more publicity (3) we already loved blogging from the start! It's a win-win-win situation! Haha!

Here I was at the Nuffnang Lovin' x The Terrace Conrad Centennial Singapore food tasting session last week with one of their friendly staff!

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Event Coverage during FNN Singapore Dance Delight 3
Meeting different bloggers of the same interest. Through the events attended together and the mingling around, I've gotten to know a few friendly people (ahem like myself hahaha *oops*) such as Jasmine, William, and even non-bloggers like Street Directory's PR Manager Nicole who was really a joy to spend time with during the last time she accompanied me for one of the events (on a Photo Shoot).

The picture above was taken during FNN Dance Delight 3 with the other bloggers for the campaign. Although I'm not a fan-girl type of person (unless it's Lee Min Ho hehehe), I do appreciate having the opportunity to meet local celebrities, such as the friendly Jayley as seen in the picture. She's cute!

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Food Blogging Assignment 1 at Kkongdon Barbeque
Doing up reviews as a part-time job with extra incentives. Whether it is cash, vouchers, or any forms of product samples and gifts, it really gives a great sense of satisfaction and knowing that you're ACTUALLY earning cold hard cash from doing something you love as a hobby? The feeling is great and it always is nice knowing how supportive your family and friends can be. =)

Have recently started on paid food blogging assignments with, and I really enjoy working with my managers so far because they're really nice and always make an effort to keep me updated! They make it flexible for me too because they know I have classes. Check out their Website and Facebook too, would you? :-)

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Goodies from the SHINE Youth Festival Event
Who doesn't like to be rewarded for their efforts? Whether they are goodie bags accompanied with free gifts, vouchers or monetary cash incentives, these are evidences of your contribution towards the other party, and it never fails to make me feel a sense of satisfaction for the achievements I've made, no matter big or small. And I'm thankful to be given such opportunities. =)

Now, you've seen the first 5 perks of a blogger. 
"Isn't it rather typical?", some of you might ask. "It always revolves around those few perks." 

But have you thought about the other hidden side perks that bloggers gain? They might be just minor 'plus points', but there's more to just attending events frequently or getting sponsored!

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A platform for us to be heard, to take a stand, or simply a space for us to spill our thoughts out just to vent our feelings.

Unlike many, I'm not fabulous at my command of language, and I usually take days to complete a post (I draft out long posts most of the time too) because I have to rack my brains at times before phrasing a sentence. Typing it out makes it a whole lot easier to express myself, and given my own time to phrase my sentences, too.

People might also find it difficult to express themselves in reality, and it gets rather uncomfortable sometimes when they keep it bottled to themselves. I usually don't have this problem, but I know of friends who blog because they'd like to spill out their feelings to a platform and it really does make you feel better afterwards! =)

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SHINE Youth Festival Press Conference
From trying out the newest range of products and attending the most highly-raved concert in town, to tasting a restaurants' latest release of festive dishes - Not only do you get to be the first few privileged ones to obtain such opportunity, you also find out new knowledge about the companies or places you've been to that you never knew of!

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One of the SHINE Youth Festival Events to cover
I started off blogging with tiny pictures taken from my old phones, before I bought my first camera (a white Casio at $200) and upgraded to a smartphone, starting to take pictures of better quality. From there, I slowly developed my love for photography, and even joined SP Photography Club where I met my fellow EXCO member, Amanda, super funny girl! I even took up Photoshop Lessons as I started learning how to edit photos, and now, I'm sharing a Canon DSLR 600D with my dad and it takes marvelous photos!! 

Because of the handling of coding and HTML when changing blog layouts in the past, I also found an interest in web design. Bought a Wacom Tablet during an IT Show some years back on impulse because all I yearned to do was to learn digital art after getting inspired by Happy Monsters. Nearly wanted to join Temasek Polytechnic's web design course, but found myself in Singapore Polytechnic in the end!

School projects, family time, boyfriend time (hehe) ... It gets hard to balance between the compulsory commitments and my own personal hobbies, but I still enjoy blogging all the same.

School Projects: People might wonder why I have so much time - they might think it's because I don't contribute to school projects, or probably the reason why I arrive late for lessons, but it could simply just be my strong liking for it and how much effort I'm putting into something I love doing. 

Family time: It makes me happy whenever I get to share the joy with my parents. For this month, I am thankful to have been given opportunities to treat my mum to dinner at Paradise Dynasty, and a Mothers' Day Gift Set by Swee Heng 1989 Classic, surprising my mum with a lovely bouquet of pink flowers. At the end of the day, it pleases people I love, which pleases me. :') 

Boyfriend time: This time means so much to me too, hehehe. Which is why, for example, I bring him to every food blogging assignment I've been to by, even though I could find another +1 to accompany me for a change, but I get to spend my time "working" while enjoying good food with company I love. Not only does he enjoy these sponsored food tasting sessions as much as I do, he also helps me in writing a more detailed post for my manager with the information he provides, reminding me constantly to take it down. So helpful ok!! ^^

Also, being able to start earning a bit of money with flexible working hours at my own pace makes the entire experience really satisfying, and makes me constantly want to improve even further for the future, too. =)

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Last but not least, it always surprises me how many great opportunities there could be offered to bloggers. Most of my friends don't blog, so I find it sad that they can't embrace this thought that I have, and probably find that I'm just wasting my time on this, because even my dad thinks so at times too. And to end off this post, I'd just like to summarize with a quote:

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

I'm not sorry that the job I have in mind isn't the "ideal" office guy/lady, or the studious university student who mugs the entire day and aspires to be a money-minded Businessman in the future. And I'm not saying that I'm the most well-known blogger who gets sponsored to overseas trips every month and hardcore supporters "fanning" over me. In fact, I'm obviously not someone popular with thousands of views a day. I just enjoy what I'm doing, and if it doesn't require full-time commitment for a student like me, and that I am also receiving opportunities to earn some moolah out of my hobbies, why not? =) 

I guess this sums out just about everything that I want to express. And if any fellow bloggers feel the same way, remember to always persevere on, and keep doing what you're doing. Don't let society leave an image of you having to be a full-time Businessman or buried in the books everyday. If you have a passion, go for it!! Unless you're really into books and all, then yeah go ahead LOL.

To end it off, here is a competition open to all Singapore bloggers, that I'd like to share with you too!

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Alright, that's all I have for you guys! Good luck, and remember to always believe in yourself!! Omg enough preaching haha, ok see ya! :*