Last week, I had a short staycation at Changi Cove with the secondary school babes for Ziqi's 20th. Cherlyn wanted to make it extra special for her this year, and made the extra effort to book a hotel sleepover.... with a HARRY-POTTER THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Changi Cove also had Idea Walls that allowed us to doodle and decorate anything we desire! I'm super in love with it (as I did in my previous post) and how I wish I had this in my home so I can just scribble anything that's bothering me or gather some inspiration from there if I feel like doodling. And omg, it'll be SUCH a good prop for white backgrounds (which I love) and for blogging illustrations!

Apparently they felt that I was eating too much (which was obviously a lie man).

Anyway, if you want to plan your own Harry-Potter Themed Party, here's what you have to do!

1. Decorations

Of course, the first step to every party is to beautify the place, isn't it? I loved how they got the polka-dotted balloon for Ziqi because she loves polka-dots!

"Birthdays... WHO CARES?" - Erm, apparently everyone because we all spent effort on this HAHA. (I spent the least though ahem...)

Available at: 
2. Props, props, and more props!

A WANTED poster of Sirius Black/Harry Potter/Voldermort.

Shut up, I'm not worth a dollar.

CLOSE ENOUGH. (don't laugh)

Available at:

My favourite not just because it's food ok, make me sound so greedy.. But it's super adorable, like I had so much fun creating the food labels accordingly to the Harry-Potter theme and I EVEN DOWNLOADED THE HARRY POTTER FONT ONLINE. They have like the lightning symbols and it's adorable.

Pretty unicorns and rainbows and pink fondant on cupcakes omg can I just die right now (actually no because if I die I have no chance to eat these).

Available at:

Squid strips (omg I forgot their actual name) tied onto original flavoured pocky sticks!

Available at:
  • Convenience stores (don't worry, they are easily available!)

BERTIE BOTT'S EVERY FLAVOUR BEANS. I'VE HEARD SO MUCH OF IT FROM THE HARRY POTTER SERIES. It's so cool to recreate the experience just by storing some colourful jellybeans in cylinders and plastic containers!

Available at:

Aww... Mini kisses disguised as Wizard's Hats in gold wrapping!

Available at:
  • Supermarkets

HUGE chocolate sticks (that won't really melt) in giant, brown paper bags.

Available at:
  • Supermarkets (chocolate sticks)
  • Craft stores (paper bags)

One can never go without enjoying sweet treats once in a while. How about some cackling cakes to go to your Harry Potter feast?

Available at:

Butterbeer that's simply made out of fizzy coke and scoops of ice cream for coke floats - but taste so HEAVENLY.

Available at:
  • Supermarkets (paper cups, coke, ice cream)

Ready to make some edible golden snitches? You can follow this guide here!

Available at:
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
4. Fellow witches and wizards

All we needed were wizard hats to complete the look. (I TRIED DRESSING IN B&W TO FIT THE THEME)

Was only a night spent together with my girls (and my guy hehe) but I had so much fun!!! Finally felt like another holiday (although it was just a night plus a mini photoshoot session with my dear Cherlyn the next day) but it's OKAY because it's just a few more weeks left to the ACTUAL HOLIDAY. ^^

"Eh, Min! Smile for the camera with me ley..."

"Pleaseeeee? Faster, I'm posing already!!!"

Aww... He's shy =)

Hope you enjoyed this short guide to creating your very own Harry Potter themed birthday party, too! Many thanks to Cherlyn and the girls for putting this lovely celebration for Ziqi! =)

But wait, before you go, I have a short announcement to make! 

National Day is coming really, really soon, and Singapore is turning a year older again!

Nowhere to go to celebrate this Saturday?

I've got JUST the plan for you!!

*SCAPE is holding a super exciting Confesstival to celebrate SIngapore's (almost) 50 birthday! For the entire day, get ready to be geared up for some really FUNtastic activities!

1. Music Performances

Jam out to your favourite homegrown bands and get loud with rock bands, too! There's gonna be huge theatres to encompass ALL these people together!! Singer and songwriter Natalie Hiong will be there too!

2. Pretty Instagram Prints

All I have to do is hashtag #sgalmost50 and I can get my very own personalized polaroids for free?! WOOOO. Not a fan of Instagram? It's ok, because you can also snap pictures at the cool photo booths available at Level 3!

3. Goodie Bags

I know.. Boring blah blah... BUT WAIT. A goodie bag SPECIALLY DESIGNED for the celebration of Singapore's (almost) 50 birthday? Now, that's interesting. ;) In fact, anything free is good ok don't complain!

4. Spin & Win

All you have to do is start spinning the wheel and you get a chance to win prizes worth up to $10,000! Maybe it's a camera? Phone? Tablet? Whatever the case, it's gonna be pretty good so don't waste this chance!!

5. Games

Basketball, floorball, or futsal, anyone? Even unique activities such as experimental games will be held!!

Date: 9 August 2014, Saturday
Time: 1pm - 10pm
Location: *SCAPE
Most importantly, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING AT *SCAPE IS EVER BORING. Visit the Official Page for more details. It's going to be spectacular so remember to head on down to *SCAPE this National Day! 

See you there! =)