A week back marked my first ever overseas trip with the fellow bloggers. 

When first received the invitation, I was contemplating because it fell on the dates right before my final examination paper that so happened to consist of 16 FREAKING CHAPTERS. After our previous paper, I was only left with 5 days to study for it. If I went for the 2D1N trip, I would only have 3 days left.

Celine was really convincing, though.

"We can room together!!! It'll be fun!"
"EH, go together ley! It'll be a great opportunity!"
"You can study on the bus and at night before we sleep! I won't disturb you."

Obviously, I didn't bear to say no. xD

You don't know how early we woke up to catch the (nope, not worms) coach to Malaysia. It was a 3-4 hours ride, and it always saddens me to see everyone having a good sleep on the bus journey while I have to force myself to read the notes on my phone and try getting the memory work done simultaneously.

Then again, a little voice in my head starts reminding me, "YOU'RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING A VACATION RIGHT BEFORE YOUR FINAL PAPERS." And then I diligently got back to memorizing shitloads of information.

A few hours and toilet stops later, we arrived at Julie's Food Manufacturing Factory at Alor Gajah, Malaysia. It was HUGE and we were all so excited........ for lunch =p

So thankful the moment we stepped into Julie's Cafe upon arrival because it meant into the cooling air-conditioned area and out of the sun!

There were short introductory speeches made by Julie's members and staff, followed by the bloggers. I'm not sure if it's just me but I actually don't like saying that I blog "lifestyle". To be honest, it's really common and misused everywhere, like these days it feels as if anyone who registers for a blog is called a "blogger" who writes "lifestyle".

I prefer to just say that I write online about my thoughts and day-to-day activities, while covering advertorials at times. But it sounds so long-winded LOL. Ain't nobody got time fo' that!

And finally, the moment we've been waiting for all day (at least I was) - FOOD. A WIDE SPREAD OF MOUTH-WATERING FOOD. Let me at 'em!!

To top it off, the appetizers and desserts were made with Julie's very own biscuits and created into these yummy recipes! I SUPER LOVE the sticky, black dessert cakes (I'm sorry I don't know what it's called, all I know is that they taste fantastic) because they are sweet and just melt in my mouth!

My delightful platter of nasi lemak and Julie's tidbits served for lunch! I was successfully fed well that day thanks to Julie's!

The staff also mentioned that this sticky rice ketupat (what is the exact name of this?!) is a MUST HAVE at their hometown. Ever since I lost weight, I've been having a smaller appetite and I thought that I might give this a miss. But this nice guy from Julie's came up to us when we were eating and served this to whoever he saw had no "ketupats" on their plates.

Me: "Haha, it's ok. I'm sharing with her (Celine)."
Nice guy: "Aiyo, don't need to share, have one for yourself!"
Me: "Ahh... Haha."
Staff: "You need to try! This is a must have here!"
Me: "Ok lor.. Thanks, haha."
Nice guy: *places this on my plate*
Nice guy: "Here! It goes well with these spicy bits! Enjoy your lunch!"

True enough, it tasted great!!

After a fruitful meal, we headed up to the meeting room. Guess what I found out.

The nice guy is actually the Director of Julie's, Mr Martin Ang! Probably one of the main few who contributed to making this trip possible for us. And I can swear that Julie's staff took super good care of us all!

One by one, a few of Julie's staff members took the stage and gave a more formal introduction of Julie's Company. From their milestones, campaigns, staff opportunities and history of their biscuit-making experience.

One of the campaigns that caught my attention was called "The Best of You" - a movement that inspires people like you and me to take a moment out of our busy lives and appreciate the small things in life. They shared with us a few touching and inspirational videos well-illustrated to put forth this campaign. Not sure how it is linked to Julie's but it DEFINITELY got me thinking about who the best of me is.

It was an insightful experience although I was kinda distracted from time to time because Celine and I got bored and started fiddling about with our cameras! HAHA.

Don't mess with us. Erm... HAHA. LOOK AT THEM TRYING TO KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE. I honestly think I did pretty well myself. (secretly a fierce mafia queen)

A picture with the director, a.k.a. nice guy! =)

If you happen to be interested in finding out more about The Best of You movement, head down to their special public exhibition here:

What: The Best of You Exhibition (by Julie's)
Where: Central Atrium of Marina Square
When: 22 - 26 October 2014

Entrance is free so drop by if you are, too!

Moving on, we proceeded to wear our safety cloaks and attire before entering the factory. I swear it's the hottest place EVER (okay at least it felt like it was), because of the whole baking process. However, it was such an eye-opening experience because I've never seen anything like this before!

We were not allowed to take pictures inside, and Julie's really ensured that quality checks and safety is their number one priority because they want their biscuits CLEAN, hygienic and freshly-baked for their customers. Thankfully, they managed to send us the manufacturing process photos above, which I happily made into a collage! :-)

Before we left, they also gave us two huge bags of goodies filled with different types of biscuit sandwiches of an array of flavours! My favourite has got to be the cheese sandwiches - I've been eating them since young and I LOVE IT.

All of us, including some of the Julie's staff, also went ahead for dinner at a Peranakan Restaurant in Malacca. Thank goodness for my ability to handle spicy food, because most of the dishes were hot - except, of course, their tasty ice chendol that's very known for in Malacca!

We sat in different tables, and almost every half an hour or so, Julie's staff members would walk over to our table and ask if everything is fine. Then they'd come again to ask if we are full (yes we were haha), and then another time to ask if we want to add any other dishes.

I was really pleased with their good hosting because they made sure that every single person was happy with their trip to Malaysia, and even during the talk in the meeting room, they also provided opportunities for everyone by giving all of us a chance to speak up. Just really thankful towards them!!

Finally, after a walk along Jonker Street (night market in Malacca) and a long day (it WAS a long day, considering the fact that all of us woke up at 6+ 7am or earlier), we reached Sunflower Hotel. You don't know how relieved I was to be able to get some rest, even though I still had to study for my papers but I ended up falling asleep anyway.

To end off Day 1 of our bloggers' trip to Julie's Manufacturing Factory, I just want to thank all their staff members again for this great experience. Not forgetting Ellice who took really good care of us as a tour guide and a friend! More about this nice lady in the white dress with red hair (above) in my next post on Day 2!

Can't wait to show you guys the lovely pictures we took at A'Famosa!