TGIF, everyone! How's Friday treating everyone so far? While many people are occupied with the F1 Race Event, it's just a typical laidback day for me, spending my time writing articles over a glass of cranberry juice and listening to some Jason Chen music before heading out tonight to meet my girls. 

Finally, a day where I'm NOT running around in my platform heels, rushing from places to places (with the help of Wei Min and our trusty bike, thankfully) and amounting to an increase in blisters and hardened skin on the soles of my poor feet. 

In fact, we spend the most of our lives walking around everywhere, whether you're in the school campus, heading to work, exercising on the gym's treadmill, or just hanging around at home and getting a cup of water from the kitchen. Ladies, we do admit that we take great care of our bodies, hair, and especially the prime area - our face. 

But could it be that we've been neglecting our feet too much?

It's finally time to head down to Absolutely Nails to get my nails fixed. Here's the Guide to Nail Care which I've done in my previous trip. 

This time, I'm trying out the foot scrub that I need so badly. Like, I'm not even kidding because the soles of my feet are freaking SOLIDIFIED because of the pressure exerted beneath whenever I wear high heels. You don't even want me to get to the details. 

Episode 3: A simple guide to achieving healthier feet you'll desire

First, soak your feet into lukewarm water for at least 5 good minutes to soften hardened skin and make removal easier. Use soaps that are not as harsh to keep the skin's natural oils. I just LOVE the feeling of soaking my legs into the water and getting the dirt away, especially after a long day straining those feet!

When going for softer and smoother skin, it's always important to use a good foot scrub for a more even skin tone and healthier feet before starting on the pedicure. I also experience those stinky feet days (oops) due to a huge amount of sweat glands on our feet. Treat your feet to a nice-smelling foot scrub to save yourself from the embarrassment!

Use a foot file to scrub your entire foot to exfoliate skin, concentrating on the calluses. However, make sure you don't end up eliminating tough skin completely and scrub too hard, because it will cause the skin to redden and remove the protection that your feet will need. My pedicurist also gave my legs a good massage to soothe the nerves.

Did you also know that Feet Haven, the popular foot spa outlet, is located right beside Absolutely Nails? They are actually sibling outlets with trained professionals!

What's sexy feet without adding colours to your feet? Here is my pedicurist giving the nails on my feet the pastel look because I have a love for anything cute, rainbow or light pastel! 

Here are my matching finger and toenails! Wei Min actually felt that it was too girly for me (oi what's the meaning of that!) but I actually love it even more than my previous two nail designs! Thank you once again to my manicurists for the beautifully drawn designs. :-) You can check out their rates here for more info.

Also remember to quote "TINABSNAILS01" to get a special 10% discount! 

Also have to thank the man himself who's mostly behind the photographs taken of me. He's just camera shy and hates taking pictures, so you have to admire him from the back. HAHA.

Really loved these two shots he took of me. Alright, enough of us - hope you had a little bit more knowledge on the importance of taking greater care of your feet! Have a great weekend ahead - yay to weekends!