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Recently, I had this weird dream of my Primary School crush and it made me look into my diary, back to those days when we had one. All the precious, old school memories came flooding back to my head and made me want to relive my primary school days so badly, even just for a day.

Playing iceman during our recess break, or football with a plastic bottle. Even when it was just for a short half an hour, I enjoyed the most of it. I actually hated to be "frozen" because it meant that I couldn't run about and play with my friends. And if I get hungry before the break ends, I'll spend 50 cents buying a small packet of fries from the canteen owner just before heading to the parade square to gather before going back to class. Most of us will be perspiring, but all in the name of fun.

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Buying random items from the school bookshop. Whether they are country erasers, brown jotter books, marbles, trading cards, spring keychains or the "colourful kicking shuttlecocks", every penny was worth it because these were the "cool" items to get back in those days. When we get bored in class, we'll play simple activities such as flipping our country erasers to see who the winner was!

Preparing for Sports/Heats Day and calling names for each others' houses. As unfit as the person I am today, I used to (surprisingly) be pretty active when it came to the yearly Sports Day, be it for the 4x100m Baton Relay, 400m or 800m track events. The butterflies I'd get in my stomach and the chocolate/vanilla-filled buns we got to munch on. I was from the Amethyst house, apart from Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. And you might be best friends with your classmates, but a different story comes about when you wear your House Shirt of a different colour.

Amethyst - "Amethyst, Amethyst, wear panties!"
Topaz - "Topaz, Topaz, is the best!"
Sapphire - "Sapphire, Sapphire, pants on fire!"
Ruby - "Ruby, Ruby, jiak roti, ke mati!"
Emerald - OMG I can't remember anymore (I think it rhymes with general) I'm laughing as I type because I can't believe I can still recall some of these lines after all the years.

Getting teased by boys in school and giving/having nicknames. This was obviously for the girls who got teased, and it actually happened quite often back in my Primary School days. My nickname was "sotong" and I used to hate it but I got over it in a while because almost everyone in school who knew me also knew my nickname. Sometimes, we got thrown staple bullets and rubber bands at, just because the guys wanted to "disturb" the girls because they found it fun, HAHA. There were also the complain kings/queens who would tell the teachers just about anything or whoever who bullied them.

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Going to the Ma Ma Shop after school. Once the bell rings, we don't usually stay back in school unless we were occupied by our CCAs. My good friends (mostly girls) and I would visit the nearest Ma Ma Shop to get funny stuff like chocolate sticks, ice pops and assorted candies. Sometimes, we head down to the local bubble tea shop to grab a drink, when Koi and Gong Cha were not ruling the entire bubble tea industry back in those days.

Playing Blind Mice/Crocodile at playgrounds. While eating that ice pop on a warm day, we then play activities such as Blind Mice and/or Crocodile at the nearby playground and hang around in the fitness corner to play before heading home. I guess, for the guys, they usually stay back in school to play football with their friends. Otherwise, the guys and girls shared another activity in common, which was...

Block-catching. I LOVED IT. It was one of my fondest memories because everyone was terrified of the "police" and would scamper about whenever they were in sight. It really bonded everyone because those were the days when everything was so carefree and kids were young and innocent. My Police and Thief days will never be as great as before. To think of the great amount of exercise we had back then!

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The days when we communicated without smartphones, sometimes through the payphone and MSN Chat Messenger. As much as I love my iPhone and games in the likes of Candy Crush, the only games we used to play include those such as Snake II. We were not overly-obsessed with our phones as much as we are today, and simple text messages could lift my spirits up. It was, however, harder to sneakily message in class because I was using my Nokia phone (no complaints, loved all the memories it gave me) and the buttons were harder to press. We didn't use touch-screen phones then. It was rather fun though, mastering the skill of text messaging in class when we were bored or just wanted to chat with our crush.

Primary School Crush. I hope that he isn't reading this because it'll be so embarrassing, but this was in fact the best memory I had of my Primary School days because we were from the same class in Primary 2 all the way until Primary 6, when we had ONE language class in common. (I was so happy lol) The teasing used to come from him and a bunch of his guy friends, and after a few years, it mostly came from the others because they started teasing the both of us. Not sure if it was just me but I got happy over tiny moments such as sitting near my Primary School Crush in the assembly hall or playing iceman together. Also, the one who sparked an inspiration for this article because this "puppy love" was a huge contribution to my childhood memories.

Writing on each others' diaries. There used to be a period of time when girls had their own pretty notebooks which they passed around to get their friends to write things such as their personal biodata, hobbies, artistes and music which we liked. It was rather cute because you could see the girls putting lots of effort in decorating their autographed pages with effort, and guys simply writing a few scribbled notes for the sake of us girls. HAHA.

Spending time in the arcade/shopping malls. I used to frequent Jurong Entertainment Centre (now known as Jcube) because it was a few bus stops away from my Primary School. Occasionally, my friends and I would watch movies and take neoprints together, or spend some time during our weekends in game arcades when we weren't in our school uniforms. I still have a box of neoprints which I've collected over the years in my Primary and Secondary School days.

Then again, things have changed now. We've grown up and entered different phases in life. 

My friends and I have parted ever since we entered different secondary schools. Most of them scored a higher PSLE score and entered "better schools", while the few friends I used to keep in contact with drifted apart from me due to our own commitments.

Now, most of them are either pursuing their dreams in local/overseas Universities, or spending their time in the army and meeting new friends as they journey on.

It has been a good 8 years since I left my Primary School, and the current generation has advanced so much that we don't even see Nokia phones anymore - or any non-smartphones in general. I'm not quite sure, but I assume that many Primary School kids these days are probably absorbed with their iPhones and Androids, living a different life we did in the past.

Change IS truly the only constant, but reflecting on these happy childhood memories really brings back so much happiness to me. :')

And to all of my Primary School mates out there, if you so coincidentally happen to be reading this, I want to let you know that I miss you guys and that I'm just a phone call or Facebook message away. Hehe.

Memories will stay as memories, but I'm glad that I cherished those precious moments well, in my heart. They might be old, but they are gold.