A pretty overdue post in continuation of Day 1 of my trip to Malacca with the bloggers. On Day 2, we set off early for breakfast before heading towards the famous A'Famosa. 

To my pleasant surprise, we visited my all-time favourite breakfast heaven in Malaysia!!!


Every time I visit my cousin's house in Malaysia to play with my three adorable niece, they know perfectly well where we will be heading to for breakfast the next morning. They know how much I love my sugary buttered and chicken floss toasts, over a cup of hot milo or a plate of Nasi Lemak. I really wish they'd bring it to Singapore but no other countries can carry Toast 'N' Toast better than its original state in Malaysia!

Lush greenery, perfect glows of sunlight, vibrant flowers, and prettily decorated trishaws. The only downside was that the weather was extremely scorching and blinded my eyes momentarily. For the first time in forever, I wasn't the only person complaining about the crazy amount of perspiration.

Obviously, most of us found only a greater interest in photo-taking than the history of its ruins! That's Joey's back view of cute cats and brilliant, blue hair. Haha. 

Eyes? What eyes?

Glad I had the company of these three girls throughout our 2D1N in Malaysia, especially Celine!! We were still talking about loving to have more opportunities to travel with one another in the future, HAHA. 

After hours and hours of climbing up slope (just kidding, it was merely a 15 minutes walk uphill), we finally made it to the top!

The cats there are super super adorably cute!!!! Like they could just sleep anywhere, any time of the day, and ignore all human presence there. Just lazing away, basking under the hot sun, all curled up and ready for a picture.

Looking at this picture makes me feel happy. Not because of its landmark, but mainly because it signified so much relief at that time, when we were brought to the shopping mall a stone's throw away, greeted by the air-conditioned temperature that we needed so badly. I'm not pampered, I'm just Singaporean.

Once all the shopping and resting was done, we went to this shophouse that sold chicken rice, except that the rice was in the form of rice balls! Although many of them preferred the ordinary rice in its grainy form, I found it quite interesting for a change. Also felt like I was consuming a smaller portion of food!

Thank you once again to Ellice, our wonderful tour guide and PR manager from Benjamin Ellice Communications. She's an awesome lady with big dreams who made this trip possible, along with Julie's Perfect Food Manufacturing and their welcoming staff. Short but satisfying trip. B-)