Last week, I landed myself in the world of fantasy and magical dreams in the Disneyland Theme Park in Hong Kong. I've always loved Disney and it never gets old whenever I visit Disneyland again even as I mature. (do I even) Here's a sneak preview of the trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong!

One of the attractions in Fantasyland was riding along in Pooh's hunny pot and plunging into the world of the Hundred-Acre-Wood in a blustery day.

And the best part? My matchy Winnie-The-Pooh nails that fit PERFECTLY to the theme!!! <3

My manicurist, Yeanz from Absolutely Nails, took the extra effort to search online for the perfect set of DIsney nails when I requested for it. She made sure that I liked it and also asked what I wanted on my thumb nails. After lots of thinking on her side, she painstakingly drew the Disney castle as well as their logo on my thumbs! She even designed an adorable Disney polka-dotted French Nails for my toes! *-*

It's only my fourth visit to Absolutely Nails but I really admire the effort that Yeanz puts in every single time. She is quick, efficient, and yet SO careful when it comes to delicate details on our nails. Sometimes, I ask if she needs to rest for a bit before she carries on because she's always a busy bee as the bigger sister in Absolutely Nails. Yet, she declines and continues to work on my nails before her next customer comes in.

Thankfully for her, I managed to get this adorable set of nails done just a week before my trip. In fact, I actually went to Malaysia two days before my trip to visit my nieces and relatives. And every time my nieces catch sight of my nails, they slowly crowd over me to admire my set of Winnie-the-Pooh characters!!

Typically, I'll seize the opportunity and start talking in the "act cute yet best manner to communicate with children" tone HAHAHA. I SUPER LOVE YOUNG KIDS. I slowly told them the characters and some of them will repeat after me even though they might not have pronounced it correctly. Sigh, plus point for me HAHA.

Had a really enjoyable time spent at the Happiest Place on Earth with Wei Min and two of our friends who came along with us. Can't wait to show you guys the compilation of my photos in Hong Kong! I even took pictures at the protest areas and found it quite interesting LOL. 

Some of you have also asked for details on where I've gotten my nails done at. You can check out Absolutely Nails' affordable rates here and the kinds of services they provide to customers.

You also receive an exclusive 10% off if you quote "TINABSNAILS01" =) Alternatively, you can also contact me (via email,, whatsapp etc.) for a special $10 voucher for your next visit to Absolutely Nails!! Just book an appointment with them at +65 63453303, or make an online booking here!

Till my next visit to the Secret Garden Nail Spa! ^^