I've had many travelogues which I haven't had to chance to bring up yet until this day. Since the trip to Hong Kong was the most recent, I've finally gotten my ass down to edit the pictures for this trip before I carry on for the others. (if I ever do)

I'm sure everyone has heard of the Hong Kong protest along Mong Kok district. It has been all over the news even before we made our way there and I can't deny that I was actually afraid that it might affect my trip. It was obviously an unexpected event that could end up washing our money down the drain and ruining our plans. We still decided to go for it anyway. Was there even a choice?

We reached the airport early at freaking dawn (damn tired okay) and cabbed down to our place of stay for the next 4 nights. We booked the accommodation through AirBnB and all we concluded were two words: pictures deceive.

Thankfully, our host was really patient with our needs and handled the entire customer experience (we are his customers after all) so, so well. We were really pleased with his service and that was way better than anything else. I mean, the air-condition and wifi was working perfectly, the beds were comfy and it's a stone's throw away from the Hong Kong MTR Station, so it was all good for me.

Headed to one of the nearby restaurants he recommended for us to visit. We reached Tsui Wah Restaurant and had a try of their famous Po Lo Bun. The size was ridiculously huge (bigger than the average hand) which resulted in a tad too much food for 4. The food we ordered in totality was pretty affordable though, and definitely didn't leave us with empty stomachs.

Also found out that Hong Kong's restaurants in general serve their iced lemon tea with THREE-FOUR SLICES OF LEMON. Qiu Qi was saying how giam siap of Singapore they would feel when they visit our country and find out that some shops don't even put ONE pathetic slice of lemon into your cup.

After breakfast, it was only 9+ 10am and we had no itinerary to follow LOL. Ended up spending the first day touring our nearby streets and walking until our feet hurt. At least for me. Can't believe how I spent a week in heels back in London, when I couldn't even last a day in heels in Hong Kong.

As we approached a street, we found out that we've already reached the site of the protest area!! Which shocked me because it was so empty. I assumed that it was because the students were in school or taking a break off this tiring activity and never knew that it was because they've moved to Admiralty station from Mong Kok. Which also meant more picture-taking for me at their abandoned / not-as-frequently-visited site! At the right time too, because we were on our vacation.

In all seriousness, I felt like most tourists would treat this site as an exhibition that brought them into Hong Kong's culture and the severity of the current situation. Although I'm not really good at written Mother Tongue, I understood a bit here and there and the visuals really made it much easier to understand!

Interesting, right?!

It felt rather surreal that I was standing in the grounds of war that was happening at that period of time. There were cameras all around, banners, wooden planks, tents, policemen and curious onlookers, just like us.

And after a while...

The sun finally began to set...