Ushered in the brilliant Christmas spirit last Sunday along the streets of Orchard Road and a Pre-Xmas dinner. The view from The Seafront was gorgeous - we could see the skyscrapers of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer from the balcony!

Spent the afternoon savouring Japanese food with Wei Min and his relatives. His cousin from Australia was visiting the country for a few days, so we brought him to Ion Orchard for a good feast. It was a wonder how my stomach still managed to stay within my tightly-fitted red dress because we were BLOATED.

It was pretty awesome because I got myself a Kikki.k 2015 Planner and sharpened my eyebrow pencil at Shu Uemura in the nick of time before we left for dinner.

Pretty flowers, warm candle flames and red Christmas decorations greeted us as we stepped into The Seafront apartment. It was an invitation from a friend of my dad's and we settled down quickly with the warm hospitality received from the hosts!

Super in love with my glittery, Santa nails done at Absolutely Nails with a special feature of my favourite Frozen character on it! Say hi to Olaf :-D

You know how the saying goes, "There's always room for dessert."

A lovely location to wind down after a day of work! And super convenient to head to the central area, too. Both Wei Min and I agreed how perfect it would be to have a place like their's.

Got a little bored afterwards and that was when Mark introduced us to one of the best games every invented... 

FIFA 14.

If you guys are planning a house gathering, this is the answer for a short but fun bonding session. We virtually chased the ball over a bowl of hot nachos and cheese, with occasional sweet treats from our very nice hosts. :-) Except that my boyfriend laughs too loudly at times because Mark was being so hilarious, haha!

A type of Hungarian Dessert Pie that made me crave for more (actually) but I was too full. Perfect way to end off the day though =)

A family picture with Mark's family and my beloved bf. :* He's usually really awkward around Caucasians (he still is) but I was glad that he had fun!

10 days to Christmas! Can't wait for 2015. What about you? :-)