For the past few weeks, I've been bombarded with different comments on my new hairstyle from Toni&Guy.

"Can't tell whether you have short or long hair."


"Did you perm your hair?"

"OMG how did you change from short to long?"




Point taken. 

First of all, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my experience with readers and friends who might be interested in joining their model casting.

Basically, one of my friends approached me to ask if I was interested in dyeing my hair for $20. My black roots were showing and I was keen to take up this opportunity, even though the stylist was still undergoing training sessions. I met a really sweet lady who analyzed my hair with great depth, provided such lovely service throughout the entire dyeing process and attended to my needs really diligently.

Not long later, she asked if I wanted a complimentary haircut by any chance. I found out that they were on the hunt for hair models that suit their theme. After I agreed, a guy attended to me and inspected my newly dyed hair thoroughly. We booked another appointment for my haircut at Mandarin Gallery.

On my second appointment, I was served a glass of orange juice and did a hair wash before the consultation commenced. I loved how patient he was with my thoughts on a new hairstyle to pick, and the hospitality given although I was incredibly late for my appointment under his tight schedule. (found out he had a total of about 11 other models in his hands)

After much contemplation, both of us decided to take a risk and (WE WERE BOTH LAUGHING YET NERVOUS AT THAT POINT BECAUSE) he snipped off half of the front portion of my hair!!!

I've never tried a Creative Cut before because I've had this bad experience back in Primary 6 when I ended up looking like a retarded bowl-face when I took the challenge to go short. However, I was so pleased with my current hairstyle because I was able to go short and long whenever I want now!

When you see the short cut, the reason is because I've bunned up hair at the back or tied it into a low ponytail right behind my neck. There's no secret or magic behind the drastic change of hair length! Haha.

Finally, the day of the Creative Cut Hair Show arrived. I was a little upset at first because I got tired of waiting for hours for my turn, but I then understood the time and effort needed to style each and every model's hair (each of a different hairstyle), and putting the make-up on.

Thankfully, TONI&GUY had some iced cold drinks by the side, and refreshments for our hungry tummies. I was practically starving because it was 3pm and I hadn't had anything. No complaints on the chocolate buns at all!

  • Washing
  • Blowing
  • Straitening front portion
  • Perming locks
  • Hair spray
  • Make-up
  • Dressing up

And I'm finally all set for the presentation! =)

There were separate themes for two different hair stylists - Angel & Demon.

Obviously, it came to no surprise to me that my theme was Angel. *thanks* LOL no actually my hair stylist was the one who chose it but thank goodness because all we had to do was catwalk to the stage and smile. As for the Demons, they had to look edgy and fierce which totally doesn't suit me lor.

Didn't manage to catch many pictures throughout the presentation, but I was all ready to catch my flight to Hong Kong after the hair inspection and head to the airport!

Ending off with an angelic picture of me HAHA. (where are my wings though)

If you want to give it a try too, you might want to check out their updates here! TONI&GUY is always on the lookout for new models and trainees so you could always give this opportunity a shot. I could also contact my stylists for you, just let me know and I'll inform them!

On a side note, wishing all of you a Happy December! ^^

Disclaimer: Grainy images no thanks to my Canon DSLR,
credits to poor indoor lighting and my iPhone 5S.