Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Boxing Day had just passed and I most definitely enjoy getting showered with lots of love and gifts every Christmas. Although I don't celebrate Christmas officially, it always excites me when it comes to receiving and unwrapping presents from your loved ones and even from people you never expected to receive from! :')

I picked out a few of my favourite gifts from the list of presents received and given to my family.

1. Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly [Ad]

Delivered right to my doorstep is this funky-looking gift from the lovely people over at The Influencer Network. I especially love cute objects with bright and/or pastel colours on it. I had been waiting for this "Red Wine Face Mask" product from my client and it has finally arrived.

I'm a fan of all types of masks - whether they are mask sheets, mud masks or overnight masks. For Beloved One has launched their Red Wine Antioxident Night Jelly mask that allows you to slather on a layer of solution on your face while leaving it overnight before cleansing it off.

When I read the details, the brand says that it combines anti-oxidant properties of red wine and grape seed to smoothen wrinkles on your skin and infuse it with anti-ageing goodness. To top it off, I heard that it contains ingredients that not only brightens dull complexion, but strengthens the cell's ability to firm the skin, too. That's so many benefits wrapped into a compartment of goodness!! Pretty worth $78 a bottle, if you asked me. (FYI, when they mean 'red wine', the solution is literally jelly red.)

I know it might seem hard to believe as the magical product might sound too good to be true.

To be honest, before the product arrived, I actually stopped by a Sephora outlet at the West Area and approached the staff on this particular product. They told me that the product had already been sold out because so many people wanted to lay their hands on it! I was secretly surprised as I've never been a user of products from For Beloved One in the past. This is my first time indulging in a luxurious treatment from the brand.

You can use it 2-3 times per week before going to bed and washing it off the next morning. You could even just apply for 15-20 minutes before washing it off! Can't wait to see the overall results of this product! I've gotten my mum to try it too as it's pretty much beneficial not just to teenagers but even adults.

2. Real Nature Mask Sheets Bundle

A month ago, there was a day when I was so motivated to - guess what, shop for beauty products. LOL. I can't deny that The Face Shop's Christmas Bundle packaging really caught my attention, and made my decision to purchase this at a steal of (I can't remember) $20+ for 12 mask sheets of different natural ingredients!

Although I haven't given every single type of mask a try, I like how it makes my face feel cleansed after each use, especially at the end when you gently tap the remaining essence in. Do let me know if you know of a range of mask (of any brand) that works great for you. I'm always experimenting!

3. Glittery X'mas Gelish Nails [Ad]

Made another trip to Absolutely Nails along Katong for my monthly nail pampering session to prepare myself for the Christmas Dinner I had with my family. This time, I asked Jocelyn to paint me pretty Christmas nails for the festive season. She even painstakingly drew on my favourite character from Frozen - Olaf! <3

To add a special touch to my nails, some base colours were bright red while some are left with glittery silver on the surface. It would be a delightful gift to surprise a friend with gift vouchers or a manicure session over at a nail parlor. Girls can always look better with beautiful nails and sparkly gems.

Thank you once again to the manicurists at Absolutely Nails for never failing to surprise me with your talented nail art! :*

4. Scented Candles 

(Source: smartcanucks) 

Almost a week ago, I was working at Marina Bay Sands and decided to tour the mall once I ended. Call me slow but I was so, so happy to find a Bath & Body Works outlet there!!! I've been a fan ever since my friend got me one of their glittery fragrances from Toronto and I had been DYING to visit one when I had the chance!

(Source: fariwu) 

So I spent like an hour or two of my time (I really can't bother to remember because I was) so absorbed with their lovely fragrances, lotions and products!! You can say that I was spoilt for choice, smelling each and every fragrance that my nose tuned out a little from all that smell.

I wanted to purchase a gift set later on at Takashimaya (so that I didn't have to carry from MBS over to Taka) but the queue was TERRIFYINGLY LONG. :( It's ok though, because I'll be heading down again tomorrow! Teehee.

(Source: twistedtulip)

In conclusion, I simply ADORE every single of their product and feel that any normal girls out there would love receiving this as a gift, too! =) Pamper yourself too lah, I swear they have one of the best fragrances.

5. Kikki.K 2015 Planners

(Source: Kikki.K)

Last but not least, I finally managed to purchase my 2015 Planner for the new year! Woohoo! *confetti* I used to get bigger sized planners but because I find myself frequently lugging my laptop and bags around, I was smart enough (I think) to get this tiny pocket-friendly 2015 planner from Kikki.K.

(Source: Kikki.K)

And it comes with these adorable stickers too!!!! *cannot maintain* Super love it! Kikki.K has every dream girl's stationery products. In fact, they have an ongoing online sale right at this very moment! Really quite affordable as compared to their normal price lor, but at least I've found my desired laptop sleeve from Kikki.K during the sale period! ^^

Hope you found this guide useful even though I was virtually squealing half the time. Enjoy the last few days of 2014 before we usher in 2015. Schedule has been pretty tight these few months but I'm aiming to complete a summary post of my 2014 (hopefully) before the year ends. ;)