2014 has come to an end. To be frank, it wasn't exactly a smooth-sailing year. Every year, people wish for the exact thing: "201X, please be good to me." But honestly, it's almost always a roller-coaster ride. However, I've had my portion of happy days and I'm really thankful for that when looking back on my joyful times in 2014.

[Here is my 2014 in a nutshell.]

A Taste of Taiwan

Started off the year with a Taiwan trip with my family before school started. Grew a tremendous love for chou dou fu (smelly tofu) along the spectacular night markets, bathed in hot springs up on the mountain resorts, visited amusement parks as well as the famous Taipei 101.

Bintan Beaches

Made a quick ferry ride down to our favourite Bintan island. Hands down our cheapest and most enjoyable getaway for short trips to nearby countries. We played with floats in the pools, lazed on the breezy beaches, rode water rides and dug in to scrumptious Kelong Seafood by-the-sea.

Licensed to Drive

A large portion of how we grew a closer friendship with each other emerged from the day we first went for our driving classes together. From embarrassing moments to awkward dates and finally feeling comfortable with one another, we passed our driving tests together in January. I got my Class 3 License and he was licensed to drive a motorbike!

Huge Family Gatherings

Every February without fail, we'd visit our kampung in Malaysia to gather with our extended family for Chinese New Year. The wonderful red packets, warm fuzzy feeling of meeting everyone again, the sound of mahjong tiles and laughter that fills the entire house. I love it.

Animal Sighting

Final-freaking-ly bought tickets online to River Safari with my boy!! I've been urging him every now and then for a really long time because I've never been there or even seen the cute pandas ever since they've landed in Singapore. Had a brilliant time there! :-D Also went to Night Safari with my family and WM for the first time so we all had a zoo-per time there. (love animals)

Stepping Down

Stepped down from the Student Chapter after the last planning of the course's first Dinner & Dance. I'd frankly say that there had been lots of rough times and tiring planning, but if you asked me if I'd join the Chapter again from the start, I would still do the same because I love planning events. The final Dinner & Dance event also ended on a great note thanks to my lovely emcees, one being WM himself because I forced him to. *evil laughs*

My Biker Boy

Because WM finally bought a bike that he can finally call his own!! Super proud of him because he had been saving on meals, income and pocket money all his Polytechnic life to get his hands on something he loves. (although he still loves me more lah for sure right) It has brought us lots of convenience despite the rainy days, and it's much better to have a private driver (or rider) whenever he's available. =P

Paradise Ambassador

Been picked as an ambassador for Paradise Group Holdings and had a year of wonderful food tasting sessions to their different concept outlets. Written on a few outlets such as Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Inn, and even ParaThai - which I've yet to write. Hehe. But I like how the company allows a +1 or 2 along for the meal, so I've been bringing my friends and family members there whenever I have the chance.

First Step as a Writer

Chanced upon job applications online, applied, and started out as a writer for KoreanRestaurants - that's when my love for Korean food (and kimchi) emerged. Have also been going for cafe-hopping sessions for eLifestyleWorld and these opportunities just make me wanna do better in the future seeing how I'm starting to pursue jobs that I've always wanted to have.

Turning 20

Yay, May - easily one of my favourite months of the year. Had a surprise celebration by my course mates (thank you for the flowers and rainbow cake!) and dinner at Haji Lane with my secondary school pals. Thank you for making my day. =)

Building up my mini-career

The month of May marked a significant start to my mini-career as a blogger. I met new friends, had greater opportunities to collaborate with clients and got to understand the behind-the-scenes of the blogosphere better. Looking back, it really has benefited me a whole lot for the past half a year, and I'll keep improving on it.

1st Anniversary

In the blink of an eye, we turned one. =) Had our first anniversary photo shoot over at Shan's place and had a wonderful time! I'm just too damn lucky to have a guy like him that I can call mine. Thank you for being you. <3


A week of June was spent along the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Ate fresh oysters in Queen Victoria Market, took the Puffing Billy Railway Train in the cold weather and visited various animal farms with the family. I'm in love with Australia and I can't deny.

A Week in London

This was an impromptu trip with my mum and I'm just really glad I didn't miss this opportunity, even if it meant giving a week of classes a miss. We had such a great time sightseeing on the Big Bus, visiting my cousin for dinner at Burgers & Lobsters and spending a night watching the famous London Musicals. I had three days on my own until dinner time and either lazed in the hotel or toured the city on my own. So proud of myself! Haha. (I had a great time being silly myself and taking shots with my self-timer)

World Cup Frenzy

Before heading to London, I made an online reservation for a German Bar right below our hotel, right on the day of the World Cup Finals. I'm a huge fan of the German Team and I was thrilled to be celebrating the hailing of German Kings over a team of roaring supporters and huge glasses of beer. I'm just SUPER happy for Germany because they deserve to be crowned Champions.

Going Viral

It never occurred to me that a simple post written of my thoughts on school life would have spread so quickly. There were many nice and encouraging comments, but then again, the mean and horrible keyboard warriors who just want to ruin your happy mornings. Still, I wouldn't have changed my mind a single bit even if I knew what was going to happen, because that was nothing but the truth that I know.

Hello, Malacca!

Thanks to Julie's Food Manufacturing, I had the chance to visit Malacca on a short trip with the bloggers. Took some lovely pictures on the second day, even if it meant getting burnt under the hot sun. Wouldn't have been a better trip without the company of Celine!

Meeting the Love of my Life

HAHAHA. But no, really. It was my second time meeting Lee Min Ho in person and I wouldn't miss it for the world. While others were there just to see a star, I was there to see my dramas come to life.

Kukup Vacay

Finally had a weekend well spent with the closer group of Polytechnic friends in Kukup, Malaysia. Catching prawns, singing Karaoke, and indulging in local seafood and BBQ - all under the house of a really nice lady who lives there.

Destination: Hong Kong

Had been waiting so long for this because it was my first time going to a place further away from Singapore with the boy! Visited Disneyland, walking along the streets of the Protest Area, and brought WM to places such as the Avenue of Stars and The Peak. Spent our 16th there (the day we got together) over a million pretty buildings.

Arty Crafty

It has been a REALLY long time since I've made use of my right brain to make something pretty. I bought some washi tape and stickers and worked on a D.I.Y. skin for my laptop. I don't use a MacBook, and my laptop is black in colour, so I had to use many layers to cover the front face. Was more than satisfied with the final results because I don't have a dull laptop anymore!


I was excited for it. I was looking forward to applying my skills for it. But it wasn't even what I expected it to be - at all. I can't reveal too much now as I have about a month left to complete this sh*t, but all I can say is - I'm not pleased, and you might find out the reason soon enough.

On Bloggers

Nothing much happened in the month of November as I was stuck doing crap that I didn't like. However, during my free time, I would spend it with my loved ones or in front of the computer. I wrote an article on how I felt about bloggers which you can find here.

Getting an English Name

Significant - because you should know by now, how important my name is to me. Also changed my website template into this beautiful minimalist layout it has today. Love it!

Jolly Christmas

Ended the year on a slightly happy note, and New Year Countdown spent with my family and WM from the comfort of my own home. Also had a lovely dinner to end the year off with a tiny bang.


This 2015, here's to safer plane rides, healthier souls, nicer bosses and greater courage. Thank you for sticking around, and let's hope for a better tomorrow. Have a blessed one.