Happy Lunar New Year to all Chinese folks out there! It's the sixth day of the Lunar New Year and the past week had been a really busy but eventful period of visiting relatives and loved ones, as well as welcoming in the Year of the Goat. Here are my outfits for the First and Second days of the Lunar New Year from Miyoc and Katelove.

A few days before the First day of the Lunar New Year, my family and I (of course, I had to pull Wei Min in to the picture, too) were extremely busy with spring-cleaning the house and working on house preparations. I spent loads of time (in fact, too much time) working on my new room. From buying a new polished white table from Ikea and the softest white quilt from Robinsons, to wiping clean my the wardrobe and arranging my clothes according to colours. I also bought new white hangers from Giant to replace with the old hangers as seen above, so it didn't give my clothes the cluttered feel.

On the First Day of Lunar New Year, my family and I headed to Malaysia for our yearly CNY affair. As you can see above, this is our current family dog - Kaka the Husky. Love its beautiful thick coat of fur! A pity though, that he stays in such a warm climate with the shade being its only form of cool temperature.

Moving on, here are 5 Things I Love About Chinese New Year without fail.

1) Visiting My Hometown

I have many Malaysian friends who visit their hometown each Lunar New Year to see their relatives. Although I'm a certified Singapore citizen, I'm also half-Malaysian and proud of it because a part of me feels that I belong in another culture too. There are so many different beliefs, customs and habits, along with a more laid-back environment that I get to enjoy in the country. Although I was born in Singapore, I've grown to get used to both countries and I'm glad to have the best of both worlds.

Another perk of celebrating the Lunar New Year in Malaysia? You get to chew gum while releasing a sky lantern or playing with fireworks and sparklers!

2) CNY Goodies and Steamboat

I absolutely LOVE Lunar New Year goodies even though they are packed with sugar and fats. The crispy prawn rolls, chewy pineapple tarts, thin sheets of Bak Kwa (the oily pork slices that everybody loves), and not forgetting the assorted crackers that we can't stop snacking on. Every Lunar New Year, I snack too much on the goodies but my relatives always convince me how the season occurs only once a year and we can always do the slimming down after this period ends. Haha.

One thing I can't miss out during the Lunar New Year too would be a good steamboat with my friends and loved ones. I especially favour the crabsticks, mushrooms and pork slices and the feeling of togetherness when everyone digs in together in the kitchen. I have a HUGE extended family and we occupy three huge tables (not including the people who go to the living room because they want to watch TV) to dine in to our meals during dinnertime.

3) Receiving Red Packets

Ooohhh... Who doesn't love it?! I used to spend most of my ang bao money away because I saw it as extra cash for me to splurge on my expenses. Now that I've (obviously) matured, I'll keep 100% of the money I receive from my red packets into my savings account, unless I really need it and try to stick to a maximum of 10% of it.

4) Cousins & Relatives

How can I forget about my lovable cousins and nieces??!?!! They are the main reason why I love heading back to my hometown because we are all scattered around different parts of the world and it's difficult to meet up due to each others' own time schedules. Hence, Lunar New Year is the one confirmed season that most of us get to see each others' faces again and tell one another how fat/slim we have become. HAHA.



Happy pictures of my extended family! There are actually more of us but some of my cousins are overseas, and some relatives are at home. Of course, it took at least half an hour to an hour to get everyone to gather at our doorstep and pose for a picture.

5) Mahjong 

What better way to start the year off than a good game of Mahjong? On the Third Day of the Lunar New Year, I went to a friend's house for a gathering with some of my secondary school classmates. I was about to leave early at about 10pm when they opened the Mahjong Table. I couldn't resist and claimed to stick around for a game. Only left the place at 2am, but it was great because I ended up with the day's winnings hehe. 

So that's the summary of the yearly happy moments I enjoy during the Lunar New Year! This year, it was slightly different too, as I got to enjoy it with Wei Min and do some awkward visiting at his relatives' house. Here's to a great year ahead and hope that you guys had a great Lunar New Year, too!