Back to school after a good 15 weeks of work

The first day of February marks the start of the month and the official beginning of my holidays and end of internship. Not just any holidays, but the time frame before I graduate from my Polytechnic. I was back in school a few days after, submitting my internship log book to my lecturers. There was a bittersweet moment when I was back - part of me was dreading classes as I was so used to the same feeling back then as I walked to lectures, while the other part of me was missing some of my course mates and lecturers.

A meet-up with my lovable course mate in the midst of Internship

My course of Internship had also been a roller-coaster journey for me. I honestly hated it really badly until I saw the light in the reality of the work environment. However, I think I might just leave this out for a separate post instead.

All in all, I might be super grateful for the short-term freedom that I have now, but my aims and goals are very much different from any other student who wants to walk the path of entering a University. I can't predict my future, but I'm trying to work towards it the best way I can. I'm not the best at time management or the industry of work which I intend to pursue, but it's always worth a try.