Whoopee! I'm finally able to share with you my full outfit for #oldschoollikekaya! Say hi to the blur me! :-) I hope the GIF above works because I *self-praise* think I successfully looked blur-cute in it HAHA. 

It was my second day in Bintan Lagoon Resort as my boyfriend and I (eternally grateful for his help) hunted down for the perfect location for a shoot. I was all dressed up with the themed outfit, and brought my props along to assist the photo- and video-taking.

So here were some of the props and equipment used for the role-play. Now, let us welcome Kaya, the main lead of the shoot!

Meet Kaya  she loves old comics, throwing on a pair of overalls and prancing in the woods with her flip flops. Here she is near her hometown where we enjoys sitting within the surroundings of nature while burying herself into a good book.

Don't try buying her attention over with an electronic game because Kaya really isn't into technology. Instead, she prefers old-school games such as playing five stones and hop-scotch with her friends after school, or enjoying a cuppa at one of the retro shop houses in her hometown.

Today seems like one of those perfect days to take a rest in the middle of the day by soaking up some sun and resting in the woods with a book and her trusty round spectacles.

So today, let Kaya show you her casual outfit of the day before she gets too absorbed with her bookworm habit again.
Face Shot:

Nope, there is no necessary need to doll up for Kaya, the girl-next-door. In fact, just pop on a pair of traditional round spectacles to aid her reading and that would be perfect!
Body Shot:

Kaya enjoys tying her hair into lovely braided locks which flows gently over both sides of her shoulder. She throws over a pair of patterned overalls given to her as a gift from her mum when she was young, along with a plain white top.
Bottom Shot:

Of course, what could be more comfortable than her favourite pair of flip-flops which allows her to hop around the woods without hurting her feet?

Birds chirping, river gushing, leaves flowing and sun shining - this is why Kaya loves the natural habitat. Mother Nature never fails to disappoint her with the wonders it has in store for Kaya.

Alright, hope you had fun exploring the woods with Kaya! Looks like the sky is getting slightly darker just when we were talking about the sun shining. The weather has been a little wicked these days, hasn't it? Goodbye Kaya, thanks for your time! We look forward to seeing your final outfit of a different role!