To start off with Challenge 1 of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4, Melody and I planned our entire schedule out and went shopping the next day after the first CNOS4 Briefing for the perfect OOTD to match our roles! If you're wondering what happened during our first discussion, check out my post here!

Our first stop: *SCAPE, conveniently located right beside Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. We purchased an adorable romper for Melody with really cute details and prints on it for her role #manjalikeababy. Fits her really well too as she is quite petite :-) Furthermore, isn't it a steal to purchase it at only 5 bucks?!

Our second stop: Bugis Street which offers lots of affordable clothes and accessories! We picked a pair of retro framed round spectacles for my role #oldschoollikekaya, where I will literally play the character of Kaya! :-) We also purchased bits of accessories for our respective roles, including the outfit for the second role that I'm playing - to be revealed soon ;) 

After hours and hours of shopping, we finally left with bags of loots - both needs and wants, haha! We were already feeling worn out from all that shopping, but had to carry on with our next task on the day itself - filming.

Here is a short story of the poor luck we had experienced thereafter. 

It started when we got off the wrong station, and had to walk our way across to Marina Bay Sands for our shoot location. It had already started drizzling as we quickly brisk-walked over.

After Melody got her makeup and outfit ready, we headed outdoors and set up our equipment for the filming process. As you can tell from the raindrops fallen on the ground, the rain had started to get heavier.

Hurry!! We had better start filming before it starts to pour! We don't want to travel over just to have our plans ruined by the weather.

Oh gosh... Just look at the heavy downpour that followed after. We had to bring our equipment in without having filmed a single proper video. Luck.

Very sad ok... The only thing that cheered us up was having a legit reason to pack up and return home for an early rest. I also had to pack my luggage for my trip to Bintan the next morning.

We had a change of plans and I had to film and take photographs (and bring along TWO extra outfits with its necessary props and accessories) on my overseas trip. Hence, it was rather stressful for me as I had to juggle both play and work simultaneously while my friends wondered what I was up to. Thankfully, the pictures and videos turned out well and I'm excited to share with you my final OOTD taken at Bintan Lagoon Resort! :-)