I don't usually place an exclamation mark in my blog titles, but when I do, it's because the current level of excitement I'm having overwhelmed my OCD of sticking to titles without punctuation marks.

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For the past few years, I've heard great things about Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation. (if you haven't heard about it, you're missing out so much!!) My instagram feeds will get flooded with exciting news of Cineleisure, friends getting to know each other through the competition, as well as ginormous posters of social influencers all around the walls of Cineleisure.

There were so many great opportunities going on!!!

However, there was a reason that stopped me from hitting the register button - my main concern that held me back from entering the contest...

Hopefully this depicts a picture of me being shy, umm LOL

Never had I really participated in any major blogging events in my past 8 years of my blogging life. I enjoy attending events and mingling but it takes a while before I become comfortable around new people. I'm usually better behind the camera than in front of the lens. As much as an extrovert that many of my friends think I am, sometimes I just feel the exact opposite. And I get the "I-enjoy-this-but-this-is-embarrassing" feels whenever the attention is on me.

This year, the exact opportunity came knocking on my doors again. I contemplated for hours and even days, consulting my blogger friends and my boyfriend about the competition and whether or not I should give it a go. To my surprise (or not), ALL of them encouraged me! Furthermore, this came at the perfect time during my school holidays before I graduate.

With that said, here is my entry for CNOS4 which hopefully marks a new milestone for me. :-)

Let's begin with a short description on Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

I love Cineleisure's concept of encompassing an all-in-one experience for young, savvy youths to perfect their lifestyle choices. From Food and Fashion to Lifestyle options, be spoilt for choice at affordable rates as you explore the multi-level movie-set themed lifestyle mall.

Here are my recommended options of entertainment in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! Honestly, there are too many picks to choose from but I painstakingly managed to pick one out of the rest that stood out to appeal to me.

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I'm not a fan of thick-cut fries, but Best Fries Forever (oh trust me, they really are) contain the juiciest, crispy golden fries that are always served piping hot with a generous serving! 

(Source: bestfriesforever)

The best part? Dipping into an array of homemade sauces from the BFF Sauce Lab which really spices up the flavour. My favourite picks are Gusto Garlic and Ole-Ole. You can order a small ($4.9) or large ($5.9) serving and share it among your friends. So affordable and it always fills my tummy up!

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Pardon the huge-ass image but a fashion destination spanning 8,000 square ft. of prime retail space deserves its attention. The Editor's Market stocks up on fresh prints and solids of womenswear, bags, footwear and accessories from independent labels. Not only does it own a large space of its own in Cathay Cineleisure, it even ships and delivers worldwide!

What I love most about the concept of the outlets are the price tags marked on it. The price you pay depreciates with the quantity of clothes you purchase! It can drop from a high $40 to as low as $25 per piece?! That's the perfect place I'd go to when shopping with a group of friends.

Recently, I headed down to Cineleisure again to meet a friend of mine while shopping for a pair of strappy black heels. I searched high and low at 313@Somerset/Orchard Gateway but to no avail (lack of variety) before I found the perfect pair of heels at The Editor's Market. Was super relieved as I was urgently needing one for work the next day. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, you'll actually see me happily carrying my loots from the outlet itself!

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What better way to spend an evening than slouching into the soft couches of the chilled theatre while munching on sweet popcorn over the latest blockbuster movie? I always love hanging out in the movie theatres once in a while to catch a good show with my friends and family. In fact, I can't WAIT to watch The Spongebob Movie next week!

Just look at the vast number of box offices and cinema screens! This place is huge. Furthermore, student ticket rates are also offered at Cathay Cineplexes which allow youths to enjoy special discounts in their form of leisure and entertainment.

So these are my final picks from Cathay Cineleisure! Here's ending off the post wishing all contestants good luck, and hopefully able to see myself stepping out of my comfort zone and continue working towards my dreams. :-)

Update: Just finished filming and editing my lousy video. I admit it's definitely not the best lah, shaky camera noisy winds and all. BUT... At least got a bit of effort right? :-) Haha. Lesson 1: I've learnt to add subtitles online after I stabilize my YouTube video. A sign of improvement, isn't it? ;)