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Just a few days back, the CNOS4 Contestants were tasked to run our own flea booth to raise funds for SPCA right at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. Today, as I'm eagerly typing the post away, I would like to share a piece of brilliant news with you guys...

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PawPals won the overall challenge and raised a total of $630 worth of funds for SPCA!

On top of that, the entire CNOS4 family raised over $2000 worth of funds in total! Everyone had so much fun during this short but meaningful event. Thank you so much to all who had contributed! *flying kiss*

Just in case you weren't there to catch the event, here was what went on last Saturday over at PawPals' SPCA Fund-Raising Flea...

Time Check: 12:00pm 

Even before the actual event, Xue Er and I had already made necessary preparations for the big day. However, we met up earlier to get simple table decorations from none other than Daiso to spice up our booth. Also purchased items such as scoops and a tiny weighing scale for the standardizing of Sticky candies per packet. We had our lunch at Mos Burger, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard before we sprinted down quickly upon seeing contestants already setting up their booths a few minutes past 1pm.

Time Check: 1:03pm

Everything was initially a mess when all of us started to unpack and set up the booth. Initially, I assumed that a 2 hours time frame would be a breeze for us *hao lian* to complete within. Never did I realize how tight our schedules were. As for our sponsored (thank you so much!) items, our cupcakes came at 2:00pm while flowers came at 2:15pm. Glad we had sufficient time to complete!

Here's a summary of what we managed to complete within 2 hours:
  • Repacking Sticky candies
  • Decorating booth
  • Fixing the cupcake stands
  • Laying out the cupcakes by flavours
  • Arranging SPCA merchandise
  • Placing up our posters and banners
  • Sticking labels and price tags
  • Finishing up the Lucky Dip box
  • Buying drinks from Koufu because too thirsty
And we were all ready for sales to start rolling in! ;)
Time Check: 3:00pm
1) Sticky Candies (Medium)

Description: Limited Edition #CNOS4 candies packed in our lovely Catty packaging
Verdict: We initially thought of pricing it at $5.0 per package, but it was more practical to lower our standards as we had to compete with other booths who were selling Sticky candies, too.
Price: $3.0

2) Sticky Candies (Large)

Description: Limited Edition #CNOS4 candies packed in our lovely Doggy packaging
Verdict: Similarly, it was challenging to sell Sticky candies as every contestant was selling the same product apart from the packaging and pricing. However, we were glad there were still a few buys for our product!
Price: $10.0

3) Unicorn Cupcakes

Description: Unicorn Cupcakes (vanilla/chocolate/red velvet)
Verdict: It was the perfect choice because many customers couldn't resist such adorable looking cupcakes! I honestly loved the moist cupcakes baked by mad4bakes and they really did a fantastic job with the fondant and frosting! Just how precious are these rainbow unicorn cupcakes?!
Price: $5.0

Flavours from top to bottom:

1. Devil's Chocolate
Dark Chocolate cupcake with chocolate lava filling and topped with cream cheese frosting. These cupcakes were simply oozing with rich chocolate flavour.

2. Vanilla Surprise
Vanilla cupcake with chocolate lava filling and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting. I loved how the vanilla buttercream frosting made all the pretty fondant designs stand out!

3. Red Velvet Salted Caramel
Red Velvet cupcake with chocolate lava filling and topped with salted caramel frosting. There was a customer who asked if they could get the Chocolate flavour. I named her all three flavours and won her over with the sound of "red velvet" with "salted caramel frosting". ;)

4) Lovely Stalks of Roses

Description: Stalks of Roses
Verdict: The flowers were initially difficult to sell and we tried means such as approaching couples for donations. Things eventually took a turn for the better and we were glad that these lovely roses didn't go to waste at the end :-)
Price: $5.0

5) SPCA Merchandise

Description: Poster, stickers, notebooks, badges
Verdict: The organizers offered us an array of merchandise sponsored by SPCA to replace the caps we initially wanted. I thought that it was quite a good deal as the notebooks were really cute 2015 diaries which captured the attention of some of our customers.
Price: Varies

6) Lucky Dip

Of course, we also had our Lucky Dip where customers who spent above $20 were entitled to! Thank you Feet Haven for the vouchers and Elephant In A Room for the animal-themed tote bags :-) Because the tote bags were so well-received, we ended up selling them off to customers and even our host of the day, Soo Wei!

Speaking of Soo Wei, here's a picture taken by Melody of us while we were too busy preparing before the official start of sales, with camera-ready Soo Wei posing for a photo right at the back! Haha! Coincidentally, she was also wearing a pug tee and all of us got a photo together.

Throughout the short 2 hours flea, some of my friends popped by to say hi and snap a photo together. I was so grateful for those who came all the way down to support us as it really shows how they place you over their time to travel down just for that few minutes. To my secondary school mates and blogger friends who might be reading this and came all the way down, thank you!!! *HUGS*

Time Check: 5:00pm

And finally, we completed the challenge!!!! Super huge sigh of relief as it was such a short event but really draining at the same time. Look at Xue Er and I finally having the time to act all posey in front of the camera, hahaha. Couldn't have survived the challenge without her help! Also really grateful for her supportive friends who were really generous towards their donations for SPCA.

Time Check: 5:30pm

And we won!! Ended the challenge on a much happier note than when it started. (ok lah obviously haha) We were so glad that everyone loved our unicorn cupcakes, too!

Here's the total amount of cash we raised for our furry friends from SPCA. Of course, we wouldn't forget a group photo together, would we? ;)

Once again, thank you to the following sponsors who made a difference for PawPals and the pets at SPCA:
1) Floral Sanctuary - Roses

A floral design studio groomed by local entrepreneurs which creates stunning flowers for events, weddings, corporate businesses, retail spaces, properties, photo shoots, and no doubt seasonal trends. Did you also know that the company also uses as many recyclable and eco-friendly products as possible?

I was really impressed with the details that came along with the bouquet of flowers sponsored for our flea event. Ribbons, laminated tags, and even min water tubes at the tip of the flower stalks to preserve its life and keep your corsages fresh. Thank you so much!

2) Mad4bakes - Cupcakes

Mad4bakes, a home bakery started by a team of cake lovers, offers not only customized cake services but also a whole menu of cream cakes, fondant cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and even mouthwatering dessert tables. And I've got to admit this...

I absolutely love their customer service!

From accepting my late request to exceeding our expectations with the collaborations, I've rarely been provided with such wonderful customer experience, with incidents such as the first email reply sent with enthusiasm to be part of this charity event, meeting my many requests in between and the final 'thank you' email (which will definitely not be the last I collaborate with them).

Not only did the team from Mad4bakes agree to our requested cupcake designs less than a week before the actual day (admist their busy schedules), they even provided us with an assortment of flavours for customers to have a greater variety to select from. They also happily loaned us cupcake stands even though their delivery team had to make two trips down for setting up and collection due to having other requests on the same day, too.

And of course, you've seen the cupcakes for yourself and how lovely they look! Wait till you sink your teeth in for a bite ;) So thankful for Celine for the recommendation on Mad4bakes - check out her Harry Potter themed dessert table done by their team too if you haven't! SO gorgeous, I'm telling you.

3) Feet Haven - Vouchers

Located away from the bustling cities in Singapore, this hidden gem is a must-visit for people looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. Feet Haven, the popular boutique feet reflex brand, heals tired feet through therapeutic art strokes by skilled masseurs. Think calming aroma scents, sounds of dripping water and soothing music. I've heard so many great reviews about the company such that it has become a wonder why I haven't given it a try myself!

A huge thank you to the big boss of Feet Haven, Dennis, for his contribution of massage vouchers amounting to $100. In fact, you can even purchase gift vouchers online for your friends and family! Perfect for birthdays or any special occasions to pamper your sore feet anytime.

4) Elephant In A Room - Tote Bags

Labelled "an obvious truth that everyone chooses to ignore", Elephant In A Room specializes in providing customers with drawstring and tote bags based on current affairs to raise public awareness. If you don't already know, every single design the team makes is intriguingly hand drawn with care an detail.

As a matter of fact, Elephant In A Room also provides customization services to customers with certain preferences on their tote bags. How can you say no to that super cute pug above?! *melts* As mentioned above, the bags were so well-received that they have been wiped clean off our booth. If you'd like your very own one-of-a-kind tote bag, drop by and check out the store!

5) Sticky Singapore - Candies

Thank you once again too, to Sticky Singapore for designing CNOS4 candies for all contestants. I've always loved their huge variety of flavours and colours, and it is especially enticing to see the candy makers creating hand-made Stickies from scratch right at their shop outlet! Take a look at their many flavours here.

6) SPCA Singapore - Merchandise

Of course, who would forget the kind people from SPCA for sponsoring our merchandise for sale? From the tiny badges with cute prints on it, to a giant poster and 2015 diaries. Most importantly, they cared for the poor animals when nobody else did. Thank you so much for your generosity! Also, we wouldn't have made it without the help of the Cineleisure team for their assistance and Cathay Lifestyle for hosting the event.

Last but not least, thank you to Xue-Er for all your help through our journey together in Challenge 2! I'm just super picky at times when it comes to details but I'm glad she was able to take my OCD behaviour as a perfectionist in a positive way, haha! Its been a mentally exhausting but worthy experience for me :-)

And now, we move on to Challenge 3 before heading to the finals this weekend. Who will emerge as the overall winner for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4? Stay updated ;)