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Only ONE day left to the big event! So many plans to make, so many preparations to manage. In case you haven't heard, here are the details:

In my previous post, you've seen the many attractions and activities that we'd be having this Saturday! But did you know what went behind the scenes? Lots of planning, discussion, debates, liaising, coupled with different emotions when reacting to different situations.

Being the perfectionist I was (Xue Er even pointed it out multiple times to me), I had to get everything sorted out beforehand because I didn't want to end up all panicky without having a check list to mark against. So, I created a to-do list to check my tasks one by one. :-)

1) Gossip + Brainstorm Over Coffee

I first met Xue Er during the briefing of CNOS4 at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. When we found out that we were grouped together for Challenge 2, we were so grateful as we had already gotten to know one another beforehand. 

We were supposed to discuss our plans over coffee last Sunday, but we headed to Pastamania instead as I hadn't had lunch. Here were some of our discussion topics:

  • Selecting of SPCA items for sale
  • Ways to garner more people to the event
  • Deciding on packaging of Sticky candies
  • Collaboration with sponsors
  • Booth decorations

Afterwards, we divided the work amongst ourselves and worked on them for the next couple of days.

2) Liaise with Sponsors

(Source: elephantinaroom - one of our sponsors)

I'm not going to lie when I say that I don't have many sponsors to look for, especially when it came to finding sponsors for a flea booth. However, I do know a few people who run their own businesses (whether they are running small, humble businesses or big bosses) or have contacts of direct clients whom they've once worked with. Hence, I made use of these connections to try my luck. 

To my surprise, almost all of them were really supportive of this event! I was like genuinely thankful for this opportunity as I felt that many of them were supportive mainly towards helping SPCA for a good cause. :-) 

3) Plan Budget

Tried sticking to our budget but these shirts were too adorable!

Because we had to work with the $20 given to us to deck the store and purchase our candy packaging, it was quite a challenging task as we also had to package 4kg worth of loosely packed Stickies. In order to make full use of what we already have, on top of a certain amount that we were willing to fork out on our own will, planning and sticking to our budget as much as we could was essential for the team. 

4) Design Posters + Banners

Besides the first virtual poster I posted at the top of the post, I also created this square-cropped virtual poster for easier sharing on Instagram. 

As for the banners, I reused my cork board and decorated on giant computer papers. Hopefully, this would attract a larger crowd over and make our booth seemingly more attractive, HAHA. We're also planning to head to Daiso for cheap yet pretty decorations for our booth.

5) Print Labels + Brochures

(Source: worldlabel)

Went online to find label templates to print before we indicate the items we are preparing to sell. However, we left the prices out just in case we need to alter it on the actual day hehehe.

We also thought that it might be a good idea if we came up with simple flyers which we could distribute before the start of the event or once the event begins so that we could target people who are ALREADY at the event venue. Hopefully, this would allow us to have a higher chance of getting customers to our booth once the sales begin. 

Xue Er also printed out many tiny slips of paper for our Lucky Dip. Of course, not every slip of paper held the same content. We created slips such as "Sorry, please try again!" so that the lucky customer would have about 1:3 chances of winning! Of course, if they are willing to try again, why not? ;)

6) Rally Friends/Public Over to the Event

And last but not least, garnering support for the event! I don't usually type really long captions for Instagram, but an occasion like this calls for one. And for the right screenshot, I was forwarding my virtual poster to many of my Whatsapp Chat groups. The convenience of social media platforms nowadays!!

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After checking off all the above tasks, we're finally prepared and ready for the big event tomorrow! I have a hunch that it's going to be quite a tough competition, but there's always a first try to everything. Wishing all contestants good luck and to my friends and readers, I'll see you there! :*