Posing on stage with my signature act-cute pose

Can't believe how (if I can proudly say so myself) awfully slim this outfit makes me look as compared to my usual self!! Usually, my tummy will be bulging but apparently not in front of professional cameramen in this case. So before I begin, I'd love to thank Cathay Lifestyle for the brilliant photos (more on their Facebook Page) of the CNOS4 Finals – especially the solo shot with Xiaxue! 

With my fellow CNOS4 contestants before the event began

Upon reaching Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, many of the contestants had already gathered for the registration. Some of us took props and snapped a few pictures while waiting for the event to start.

Honestly, I got a little tired of taking selfies and pictures because all I wanted to do was get seated and eagerly wait for the event to start. Thankfully, I had Casey on the same boat as me so I didn't feel like the only anti-social soul there haha. Our host of the day, Juu, then addressed us and we finally settled down before the long-awaited event began shortly after.

The rest of them enthusiastically posing for Xue Er's pretty pink camera while Victoria and I were just like meh and nervously anticipating the red carpet moment that followed! It was just a simple cat-walk but I guess all that anxious waiting, peer pressure, public eyes and over-thinking made it so nerve-wrecking. By the way, if you were wondering where I was, I'm right behind where Xue Er is holding her camera. ;)

And finally, it began! Felt so jittery especially because we sat in the first row, right at the front of the stage. The host first welcomed everyone and kick-started the event with a bang!

Although it was the final day of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4, it was actually our first-time getting to meet our judges personally –  Jayne, Xiaxue and Don! They were really generous with their praises and really gave us that boost of confidence that some of us might have lacked, especially during different stages of the competition when we faced difficulties.

Say hi to the overly-yellow me! (thank you, lighting)

Moving on, we got called up stage one by one for the Red Carpet moment. Of course, most of my typical first reactions were to smile, strike a pose with my hands on my hips, or give a 'twist' sign. LOL. We were all tasked to pick a question on stage and answer it right on the spot. I think I was unbelievably blessed with good luck because I managed to pick this,

"Strut 5 different poses in 5 seconds."


Overly excited, I started posing my 5 different expressions while the cameras clicked on. The embarrassing moment came when...

Host: "Wow, look! I haven't even began counting and she's posing already!" *laughs*
Me: "Huh, haven't start ah?"

And then I began posing all over again LOL. But it's ok, I'd rather be embarrassed in such a situation than to pick a random question that might have made my mind blank on stage. ;)

Once everyone was done with their Red Carpet moments, it was time for the judges to vet through our third and final challenge – Ja Jambo. 

Screenshot of my 15-seconds Ja Jambo video of Challenge 3 – "How To 'Chope' a Taken Seat"

I had to admit that it was semi-embarrassing too as we had to film a 15-seconds video of ourselves featuring the song Ja-Jambo. Furthermore, it was a rather stressful challenge for me (ok, which challenge not stressful to the oversensitive us actually) because my laptop broke down, I have zero video-making knowledge (Windows Movie Maker not counted) and I was completely panicking on how to edit the video on the final day of submission.

Thankfully, I had the help of Melody who helped me greatly with the filming, fueling me up with encouragement and the step-by-step process of downloading a video software and how to use it. Very, very thankful for her existence in this CNOS4 journey from Challenge 1, and I couldn't have done it without her assistance! :*

While the judges were finalizing the results, all of us were also presented with the CNOS4 medal on stage. I think it's really great because no matter who wins, everyone still walks away with a little prize that reminds us greatly of what we've been through these few weeks and pushing us to greater heights.

Winners of Challenge 2 – "Like A Boss" Challenge

As mentioned in my previous post, Xue Er and I managed to clinch the highest winning sales for Challenge 2's SPCA Flea! All that hard work paid off and I would like to thank Xue Er for her help through Challenge 2 while accommodating to my slight OCDs! :p

And it was kinda funny looking back during the day of the event when I went up stage for the prize collection and interacted with Xiaxue for the first time.

Xiaxue: "Congrats!!"
Me: "Hello.. :)" *shy* 

(Source: google)

Because I totally couldn't hold in my (slight, very slight – I believe) fan girl moments.

Winning Prize of Challenge 2 – "Like A Boss" Challenge

Also, thank you Cathay Lifestyle for the gift vouchers! So guys, don't be surprised if you see me frequenting Seoul Garden more often than usual now ;)

And finally, the grand moment that everyone had been waiting for...

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4 – Me! Haha.

As you can see from above, I was probably too shocked to even smile properly or move that irritating fringe away. I was obviously too happy (and frozen) to even do so!!! I don't know what happened behind-the-scenes during the judging, the collation of judges' votes (if there were any), or what went through before the final decisions were made. All I know was I've managed to clinch the winning prize and it was such a glorious moment that I wouldn't forget :')

It might not mean much to some, but being able to be rewarded for all the hard work you've put in and reach another milestone was definitely a meaningful one for me. =) So thank you to all our judges and the management team once again for making this happen!!

Winning Prizes of CNOS4

My first and only solo shot with Xiaxue!!

When I was preparing to go down the stage, I hesitated for a bit because I had to carry the trophy, prize letter, and huge cheque while walking down the tiny steps in my long slit pants (which I almost fell over lor). It was exceptionally funny because what happened went something like...

*after photo taking and getting ready to head down stage*
Me: *pauses*
Xiaxue: *pauses too*
Xiaxue: "Take take, it's your money!"

Then I laughed and somehow managed to get all these down all by myself. *proud* No lah actually I ended up passing it to someone who was standing on ground level LOL.

After the event, everyone dashed towards the interview corner and naturally, waited for Xiaxue to finish her interview before starting to approach her one by one to have a picture together while I stood at the side and waited for my turn :p

So when it was finally my turn (hehehe secretly very happy), I went up to her for a picture.

Xiaxue: "Congrats!!"
Me: "Thanks! =D"
Camera Man: *gets ready*
Xiaxue: "Cheque leh?"

So cute because she sounds like she's happier about the money I've won than I was!! Haha! And I overheard how she was talking about how bad the lighting was there when taking pictures and it was really funny to see the hilarious Xiaxue being herself in real-life (because the only times I was able to see it for myself was in her funny Guide To Life videos).

Group shot with judges, CNOS3 winners and CNOS4 contestants

It has been a fulfilling journey in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4. During the post-finals interview, I was asked what my greatest takeaway was from the competition. I know many would say that their biggest takeaway was making new friends and gaining experience, but I actually said that mine happened to be receiving praises from Xiaxue and the honour of her presenting the prizes to me. (haha ok ok fan girl fan girl) She's actually really friendly ok, so don't scold her.

But all in all, it has been an enriching time with the other contestants of different backgrounds and characters. Once again, I'd like to thank all those who had been so supportive throughout this journey (Zei Kei, Celine, Melody and of course, my boyfriend) and the sponsors who had played an important role too!

If you've missed out on the Finals, check out the event highlights below!

I hate to admit it but I tend to look so overly fierce in videos whenever I speak. Obviously, my default dao face never fails me, sigh,

Congratulations to all the contestants for braving through this competition together and to my fellow winners of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4! Many of you have asked whether I've received any lobang through winning the competition so far. It has been about close to 2 weeks so far? Sadly, not yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hope that good things will come to those who wait ya ;) *hint hint - hair sponsor*

(Source: cathaylifestyle)

Looking forward to the upcoming winners' photo shoot session at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! Stay tuned!! *excited*