Hello again.

It's been almost 3 weeks of hiatus from the blog. Although I had been on two overseas trips within the past few weeks, I had carefully drafted out my blogging schedules in order to meet deadlines and be at peace for my vacations. Unfortunately, my personal laptop had crashed and my replacement laptop dropped and knocked out right at the airport upon arrival at Perth. I couldn't even use it for the entire vacation and honestly felt desperate yet helpless as crap.

Now that I've returned home, here are some quick updates on my current situation and my few weeks of absence in a nutshell.

Laptop Condition //
• personal laptop: hard disk problem in the midst of reformatting, hopefully by the next few days
• replacement laptop: carelessly dropped by my boyfriend and cause of its unconciousness unknown (sigh, need to get it fixed at Sim Lim Square)
i.e. I just can't wait for my personal laptop to be fixed so that I can download Photoshop and start editing my photos. I dislike how it sounds like giving excuses to clients for being kept waiting.

Vacation //
• boracay: was still able to get my Complete Guide to Boaracay blog post up as my replacement laptop was still working at that point of time
• tioman: short 3d2n trip
• perth: went on a 9d8n trip with my boyfriend and it was a really therapeutic getaway from the city – more on the trip as soon as I get started with editing my pictures :'(
Take a look at the my travel journal on Instagram here!

Boyfriend //
• enlistment: it's the first day of separation from my boyfriend (we spend 24/7 of the time with each other) ever since he enlisted into the police academy – as much as I'm keeping my fingers crossed for each weekend to arrive quickly, I'm proud to see him pursuing his dream passion. :-)

Work //
• part-time jobs: am getting rather weary of the jobs because I feel as if I'm working only for the sake of money and not something I'm passionate about – since it's difficult to change an attitude, it's time for a change in direction.
• blog: it has occurred to me time and again how unstable the income for blogging is and the need to start a different path to build a more passive income – which explains the following point...
• online business: currently, I'm still working on building up an online platform which will hopefully turn into a personal business – it's not something mainstream in Singapore, which explains why people are clueless about this idea I'm working on, but let's hope for the best :-)

Posts Currently Working On //
• adverts: do keep a lookout for the upcoming advertorials (hint: I'm actually going to be sharing with you DIY crafts for Mothers' Day)
• travelogue: perth has been nothing but amazing and I would love to bring you through my journey in the form of the lovely visuals taken by my boyfriend.
• birthday celebration: a personal milestone cum advert, it was a fun gathering with my friends at my spongebob-themed party – can't wait to share!

I know I'm seldom the type to write lengthy posts, but I needed a platform to jot down my thoughts and plans, as well as a much needed update for readers who are still here. Please do be patient with me – I will be blogging on a more active basis as soon as my laptop(s) is/are fixed. =)