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Last month, my boyfriend and I turned two. I still remember the first time he asked for my hand *quivers* (haha) two years back when he specially traveled over to the Wendy's outlet closest to my house after a sleepless night. Apart from my course mates, many people don't know my embarrassing past of crushing over him for a year before we finally got together. Somehow, I just have a soft spot for bad guys who are funny yet kind-hearted within them, and he fitted the bill to a tee. I could go on about the stories of how I desperately failed to give up on him, or my secretly overjoyed moments of us going for driving lessons together, but let me leave these moments for another day before I start hiding in a hole.

First of all, unlike many boyfriends who tend to splurge on their girlfriends on branded bags and extravagant gifts to express their love, mine is nowhere close to that. He never supports the idea of celebrating birthdays and special events, because he believes that relationships shouldn't be judged based on a day of showering with love, but the little things every day that make a difference. Still, I didn't possibly want to spend our second year anniversary just like any other day. Honestly, I had to drop him obvious hints to kick start his lazy bum and mindset.

Scene 1: Weeks before our anniversary
Me: "Min.. You know our anniversary coming right?"
WM: "Huh? What anniversary? Hahaha, don't need lah!"
Conclusion: If I act blur, she will forget about it.

Scene 2: A week before our anniversary 
Me: "Oi! Got book not?"
WM: "Hahaha, book what? Aiyo, you know I'm inside camp what, where got time..."
Conclusion: Since I cannot access internet during NS, and my weekends are reserved for Dota, I have no time.

Scene 3: Days before our anniversary
Me: "I say a lot of times already ah..." *glares*
WM: "Oh, dinner ah? Can, can... Go Mac?" *laughs hysterically which is very gross*
Conclusion: Ok lor, we settle for cheap dinner because I know you like the oily fries from McDonald's.

Scene 4: Preparing to head out on the actual day
Me: "You better wear nicer ok." *applies make up*
WM: "Haha, go Mac you wear so nice for what! Funny leh you."
WM: "Anyway, you might not like it there... Might not have air con."
Conclusion: Dress up for Mac, you siao? And I know you hate warm places, so I'm going to further irritate you for fun.

Scene 5: Upon reaching our destination
*parks along Club Street*
Me: *inspecting each shop along the street of f&b outlets*
Me: "Say first ok, I'm not going to eat at Spizza."
WM: *exclaims* "HUH. Eh serious serious, you don't want? Then I need to cancel booking leh."
Me: "WTF. Of course I don't want pizza?!"
WM: "Jialat.. Ok later I cancel, we walk down the street first." *tries his best not to laugh* (idiot)
Conclusion: Die loh, need to cancel booking already. Eat Mac sua.

Scene 6: Walking along Club Street
Me: "Why did you choose this place anyway?"
WM: "You like ang moh what."
Me: *rolls eyes*
Me: "Eh, walk past so many already... Which one is it?"
WM: "Oh, maybe we walk past already. Walk back walk back, hahaha."
Conclusion: I just wanted to see your reaction to each restaurant that we walked pass to see if you liked the one I actually did book for you.

Scene 7: Finally entering the restaurant for good(ness sake)
*after confirming reservation etc*
Me: *feeling ecstated and all at the sight of flowers*
Waiter: *in the midst of welcoming us for our dinner*
Waiter: *introduces menu and shakes hands with WM before leaving us to ourselves*
WM: *sits down and looks back at me*
WM: "Oh, that one my friend."

Conclusion: How to not love such a guy, you tell me?

Ok, enough.

To my relief, we were then finally able to enjoy a good dinner out without getting interrupted by his nonsensical jokes again, although there was a part when he brought up about McDonald's for our third year anniversary again. *just talk to my hand already* We were laughing at each other getting squid ink all over our teeth, getting too stuffed to finish our crab linguine dish, and the fact that he didn't know Tiramisu desserts came with a touch of alcohol. Plus, just look at how cute the dessert is!!! Although I didn't know what it was, I chose to believe that it represented my favourite character from Frozen, Olaf the Snowman! :)

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To end it off, I would like to also thank the friendly team from LunchClick for this timely interview conducted to get to know more about the silly relationship between my boyfriend and I. Throughout the interview, I realised how much he had given and gave in to me and my (minimal) princess symptoms, as quoted by my pal, Danston. He taught me how to appreciate the little things more, be more understanding towards others and how to not treat everything in life so seriously because I tend to get irked by the tiniest things. Although I'm still pretty bad at it, it's always great to have a better half to encourage me along as I go, and no matter how annoying he might be, I'm forever grateful for having him in my life. :) And no, WM, that doesn't mean I'll play Dota with you.

"After the initial ‘honeymoon period’ of a few months, we started enjoying simple things such as going over to a nearby food court for a good bowl of noodles or staying over at our homes together just watching videos, etc. 

I think a contributing factor is the fact that my boyfriend doesn’t like to splurge on things such as movies, but this also makes me realize how we can find simple joy without these “eventful days out” as long as we are spending time together."