I've been wanting to blog about my travelogues for a while, after visiting several countries in the past few months for my post-graduation trips. One of my recent trips flew my boyfriend and I over to Perth, Australia during the chilly Autumn period. Of course, I wouldn't miss out visiting the famous, iconic Blue Boat Shed for the world! I've been admiring visuals after visuals of this highly-Instagrammable blue shed on social media, and have been yearning to witness it myself.

We dropped off at King's Park & Botanic Garden and explored the vicinity on foot. I swear this place was much larger than I expected (just look at all the maps they have) but it was a really good exercise and excursion for my boyfriend and I. One thing that made me keep going was because of the fine weather (I wouldn't have made it 2 miles down the road if this were in Singapore) and of course, the lovely pictures we could take along the bridges and garden trails!

Leather Jacket: Queen Victoria Market, AU
Skorts: Ladies Market, HK
Sling Bag: Thrifted
Leggings: Queen Victoria Market, AU
Platform Shoes: Thrifted

I used Google Maps to find out how we could get to our main destination — the Blue Boat Shed just around the corner of the park, according to the map, at least. In reality, we got lost several times in the vacant areas of King's Park, scared one another with what-if-that-person-behind-us-is-a-thief stories, and rushed for time simultaneously as we had to be picked up from the same location again in a while's time. We went down steep slopes and stairs towards the main road outside of the park, and finally saw it from afar — Crawley Edge Blue Boat Shed! *hyperventilates* 

One thing I noticed was that it really is just a tiny blue shed located in the middle of the Swan River, nothing more, nothing less. However, there was no doubt an amazing backdrop for your pictures, coupled with the navy blue river and cloudy skies. There were actually jellyfish in the river, too! Plus, I wore this white x blue outfit to fit the theme during the photo shoot. Although it might be just a shed, every tourist who plans to visit Perth has to visit this at least once!

Crawley Edge Blue Boat Shed
Mounts Bay Road
Kings Park Avenue
Perth, WA 6009

Naturally, I was eternally grateful to have my travel buddy cum all-time-favourite photographer for the wonderful pictures he take of me during every trip together. He dislikes taking pictures though, so he's usually hiding behind the camera instead. Luckily, there was a nice guy who specially turned back to offer helping us take a picture together! So touched :') Til our next adventure!