It's been a week into my Finland trip with my family, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. Husky sledge rides, hitching on snowmobiles, exploring the villages and receiving the best service from the family-owned guesthouse that we've been residing in - but one of the most unforgettable moments has definitely got to be getting first hand experience gazing upon the Northern Lights. Thus, I've decided to compile a quick list of fun facts you might never have known about the Aurora Borealis.

There's no 100% guarantee you'll catch the Aurora
I've seen lots of articles circulating around on Facebook, with captions relating to wanting to catch the Northern Lights. However, I got to find out afterwards that there are many factors that determine your chances of catching the Northern Lights. Location, weather, luck... It really depends!

Aurora hunting trips are not carried out daily
In Ivalo, my dad booked an Aurora hunting trip that provided us with the opportunity to travel by car to hunt for the Northern Lights with our guide and photographer for the excursion. However, the Northern Lights are only visible during the clear sky, so treks might not be conducted during cloudy weathers. Therefore, you should plan your Aurora hunting trip upon arrival at your destination to give yourself a higher chance of catching the Aurora during good weathers.

Be prepared to wait
On our final night during our stay in Finland, we were lucky to have a safari excursion conducted to catch the Northern Lights. However, even though the sky was visibly clear and our guide had driven us to a location where there was a higher chance of catching the Aurora, we still found ourselves waiting for at least half an hour in the night, holding onto hopes of getting a glimpse of the magical green lights. But trust me for the fact that it's definitely worth every single minute of waiting for the results.

The Northern Lights look better in photos than in reality
As we got our camera gears and tripods at the ready, the guide taught us how to snap the amazing shots down with the right aperture and settings. To my surprise, the image captured in the camera of the exact same Aurora in the sky was clearly brighter than what it was in reality. Our photographer explained the theory to us on how our camera is able to absorb and take in more light from the sky, resulting in a brighter, greener and definitely a more beautiful capture of the Aurora. Plus, the sea of stars in the sky just couple up into the perfect series of pictures!

What's greater than striking this off my bucket list was getting to experience this amazing opportunity with my family. :-) It's a must-visit place for adventurous travelers out there and I most certainly had tons of fun over at Ivalo, Finland. Will be posting up more on my experience there once my laptop is fixed, but in the meantime, you can hop over to my Instagram page to follow me on my current journey in the UK. See you there!