Berries & Flapjack at Dean & Deluca

I've always had a sweet tooth since young, be it craving for desserts, smoothies or sweet treats. Recently, I've even found myself jumping on the pancakes and waffles bandwagon because they're not only very fluffy and irresistible, but also make extremely Instagram-worthy shots! In fact, I've been scrolling my Instagram and drooling over food shots while tugging onto my boyfriend's collars and forcing him to bring me there (hehe), but it casually slips off my mind after a while. Hence, I've decided to jot down the top 15 cafes that are currently on my wish list to visit before 2015.

1. Hyde & Co.
2. Meet & Melt
3. Curious Palette
4. Wild Sheep Chase
5. FROTH Cafe
6. Benjamin Browns
7. The Replacement - Lodge & Kitchen
8. Cream & Custard
9. Chin Mee Chin Confectionery 
10. Five By Five
11. Monochrome Bistro
12. Artisan C. Specialty Coffee
13. The Sugar Pantry
14. The Swiss B├Ącker
15. Luxe Singapore

In the meantime, just a quick update that I'll be flying off with my family for a break in less than a weeks' time! I'm certainly feeling stoked, especially because it's our first time watching a live EPL match from Anfield!!!! Then again, I hope to be able to mark out as many things as possible on my to-do list and complete the tasks before the flight. Meanwhile, I've also been busy with work and events as I enter into another exciting phase in life. Hop over to my Instagram page @cheowster for more on-the-go updates. x

Gimme S'more Oreos at Little Pancakes