Popping by with another update today with tips on how to live the perfect staycation (stay + vacation = a holiday spent in one's home country) for the local who wants to spend time like a tourist. Here are a few ways to do to get the most out of your quick getaway.

Be prepared with the right beauty products

Having the right beauty products is the first step to feel confident and ready to hit the roads. What I love to do is pack my favourite daily beauty products in ziplock bags, and having a separate pouch with convenient, on-the-go samples to have tons of options to choose from. A few of my must-haves are eyeliner, brow pencil, lip gloss and sunblock! Definitely need loads of sunblock lotion if you're planning to have a staycation in Singapore.

Be kind to yourself  don't drown your day in work and emails

The temptation of getting back to emails quickly is real, especially when you receive exciting new client collaborations or new updates on work related emails. However, no doubt that this act defeats the original intention of a staycation — to relax, regenerate, and take time out with your loved ones and very importantly, yourself. Just slow down your pace and be kind to yourself. Set an automated reply to alert senders that you're taking a short break from work, and unless you receive urgent messages, it's good to take a break from your phones and messages and just enjoy the moment.

It's okay to be touristy  take pictures in your neighborhood

What I love about capturing moments and outfit shots is that there are tons of hidden gems and instaworthy backgrounds around if you're able to spot them with a keen eye. Shot from different angles at various spaces in Singapore, you can go ahead and have a whirl with experimenting which background complements your outfit the best and set your cameras on self-timer to capture everyone together. Here are some great tips on outdoor photo ideas that you might like to check out.

Do something in town that you wouldn't normally do

Who says Singapore is boring with nothing much interesting left to see or do? There are still lots of places waiting to be explored even if you've previously been there. Challenge yourselves and pick up a sport or activity that you haven't yet tried in town. Be it spending time attending a crafts workshop you've been wanting to try out but haven't gotten the time to do so, or simple gestures such as spending Christmas giving away home baked cookies to spread the love, there's always something fun and meaningful, yet fulfilling to try out. Be creative!

Treat yourself well  get a massage, order room service, and relax

After a long and tiring day full of activities, there's always time to unwind with a good spa, back massage, a nail fix or even getting a mud facial done. Always book an appointment beforehand to avoid disappointment! I enjoy having a relaxed signature back rub treatment in couple rooms with my mum or my boyfriend, because I get to chat with them simultaneously while the masseur relaxes my muscle strains from overworking in front of the laptop. I like ending off the day with a book, snuggling under the blankets with a warm cuppa hot chocolate in front of the TV, or writing down my thoughts in a journal.

Speaking of relaxation and treatments, I've also gotten my hair recently pampered at Headlines By Artistry, right before we entered the Lunar New Year. I did a soft perm initially, as seen above, and followed up with their signature Dyna Mucota Hair Treatment to soften the ends of my tresses because they had became rougher due to previous rounds of bleaching. I'm really glad to always be under the hands of Elein, and you can definitely book an appointment with her at +65 62233133, and quote my name for 30% discount :)

Bring your perfect travel buddy along

Of course, getting the right company always matters a lot during your stay together. You'll be spending most of the time together, whether you're kicking back by the beach or spending the day cafe-hopping along the hipster alleys in town. Find someone who understands you most, and is more easy-going and adaptive to different situations. It's bound to be lots of fun with the right company, so remember to bring along your cameras and capture many fun moments along the way. Hope you've learnt a thing or two, and have a lovely time for your next staycation!

Chelsea x