We're all eager travel enthusiasts at heart and never want to cease going on a vacation over to explore different parts of the world. I've personally been blessed enough to have visited not just places within Asia (e.g. IndonesiaPhilippines, Taiwan & HK), but also Westernized countries such as AustraliaLondon, different parts of Europe and a spectacular trip to Finland recently with my family!

However, there's one common problem faced — most of the time, we find ourselves strapped for cash before and after our holiday trips.

How can we save more money while travelling on a vacation?

Let me show you how!

Introducing ShopBack — the top cashback site in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines with over 500 merchant stores! If you were wondering what "cashback" stands for, it means for anything you shop online on their site, you'll be earning cash back! Which also means extra, unlimited savings when you shop online.

So, how does cashback work?

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ShopBack's merchants reward their team with a commission for referring their consumers (aka yourself) to shop on their site. And here's the awesome part — instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, ShopBack shares the rewards with you!

(Source: shopback)

With the best deals of online shopping at ShopBack, consumers can now enjoy discounts and fantastic cashback through countless of your favourite online stores through different coupon codes. For example, for grocery shoppers who prefer to have the convenience of home delivery yet getting fresh produce at the same time, you can grab RedMart coupon codes and shop online with a simple click!

As for myself, I'm an avid traveler, always wanting to explore and hop over to overseas destinations and open my eyes to newfound places and experiences. At the same time, I'm also constantly on the lookout for cheap tours and vacation package deals that appeal to me, such as ones that don't involve cancellation fees to minimize any possible losses if I change my mind.

Now, I can save with Expedia promo codes and get cashback!

From travel deals that range from airline tickets and hotel accommodations to car rentals, you can simply book online now with the world's biggest online travel agency in 3 simple steps.

1. Sign up for a ShopBack account

It only takes 5 quick seconds by filling in your username and password while signing up for a ShopBack account. Alternatively. you can also sign up through your Facebook details that will quickly get you an account in a jiffy. Remember to verify your account for the cashback to be processed!

2. Get redirected to Expedia

Click on the Expedia tab and scan through the many affordable deals and packages that you'd like to go for. Once you've decided on the offer that you'd like to pick up, click 'Shop Now' and get redirected to Expedia's website.

3. Shop as usual

As soon as you're redirected, you can now just shop as per normal! Remember to stay on the tab because you need to be redirected from ShopBack to Expedia in order to claim the cashback and enjoy the incentives. To view your cashback amount, click on 'Cashback Summary' on the dropdown menu at the top right hand corner of the main ShopBack page. Once the tracked cash turns from pending to redeemable status, you can cash out once you've reached a minimum amount of $10!

4. Payment Settings

On the same dropdown menu, click on 'User Payment Settings', update the necessary fields and your particulars and ensure that they are correct.

5. Time to cash out!

Select the 'Total Earnings' tab, and you can now view the total amount redeemable from ShopBack. You can now request for payout and that's it, the cash will be sent to your bank account! If you're still confused, just replay the YouTube video above and you'll be able to now shop with convenience. :)

If you also remember, I've done a write-up a while back ago on my lovely stay in an Airbnb accommodation in Kowloon, Hong Kong. If you're looking for similar, affordable accommodations yet keeping to your budget and means simultaneously, you can find Hotels.com coupons without a hassle on ShopBack! They offer a range of staycations and getaways with up to 50-70% savings, so it's definitely not something to be missed. ;)

In fact, if you're in to be spoilt with a variety of choices, you can check out all their travel deals compiled in a single page and look for all the travel offers and promotions that are well suited for your needs! Hope this article is informative for all you explorers, adventurers and money-savvy travel enthusiasts out there :)

Disclaimer: I have been invited to try out and review ShopBack. Thank you for the opportunity!

Chelsea x