Girls love shopping, and we can't deny! :) Took a trip down to one of my favourite places in town with my girls and spent a day exploring the many activities that 313@somerset had to offer. Featuring 8 levels of retail and food outlets that caters to trendy fashion enthusiasts, we were spoilt for choice in the mall that housed a variety of leading brands like Zara and Forever 21.

We first checked out ETUDE HOUSE (category: beauty) because we couldn't resist donning on makeup products and hand creams in this adorable little pink house. Of course, where better to continue our shopping at than the 3-storey high Forever 21 outlet (category: fashion) with an endless choices of apparels, shoes, bags and accessories to choose from? We then got a little hungry at mid-afternoon, and wanted a light dessert to satisfy our cravings. Even though it was our first time visiting O'ma Spoon (category: food), we were really pleased what they had to offer! Ordering the Oreo Petite Bingsu was no mistake because of its soft flakes that constantly left us wanting for more even til the last bite. We then hopped on a window-shopping experience over at the fashionable OWNDAYS outlet (category: lifestyle), trying out the wide range of spectacles and shades while having fun at the same time. We called it a day, but it was tons of fun exploring 313@somerset especially through the company of one another as a clique!

In fact, we had a great time filming this short video, featuring 3 Types of Shoppers and how each shopper type relates to each of our individual character. There were bloopers, there were embarrassing moments, there were loud bursts of laughter, but these really captured the essence of how a typical day is spent together as we shop at 313@somerset! Some self-obsession at beauty shops, some impromptu buys, and some price haggling —but one thing for sure, it's never a dull moment together!

Best of all, we also revealed the secret behind shopping at 313@somerset using the Tring 313 App that utilizes a location-based technology for commuters within the 313@somerset vicinity to enjoy exclusive deals, for example, even up to 50% off F&B deals right at the mall! The app has the ability to send location-based alerts to users who step into a certain radius at 313, or simply normal alerts to all users who have registered in their database. We also how it's conveniently nested in the highly coveted Somerset area along Orchard Road that makes it so extremely accessible for both male and of course, female patrons like us.

All you need to do is sign up for a new account, checking out the entire list of offers that you could claim exclusively at 313@somerset, make a quick payment and start saving and enjoying while doing what probably is everyone's favourite activity — shopping! In fact, you can also keep yourself updated on  the latest happenings at 313@somerset to check out even cooler deals in time to come. We found the Tring 313 App such a great tool for us because we're always shopping in cliques and loved how we can share and receive exciting deals together as a group and save even more!

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To give it a try, you may download the FREE Tring 313 App respectively here (Apple App Store) and here (Google Play). Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, foodie, or a smart shopper ready to grab better deals from your purchases, this will most certainly be of great convenience. Shop away at 313@somerset, and you can definitely thank us later! ;)

Chelsea x