Photos by Jia Gen, Su Shan, Wei Min & Chelsea. In collaboration with Teenage Magazine.

Curating one of the most time-invested article wasn't easy — from arranging photographer meetups, struggling to keep ourselves awake at ungodly hours to catch the morning market crowd, and snapping street photography and random passers-by, to maintaining a smile in front of the cameras under the sun and capturing the essence of the estate through heading down at least thrice for photos.

However, I've got to admit how enriching this experience was for me to ease off from the daily hustle and bustle and observe one of Singapore's most historical and nostalgic estates. I've always known Tiong Bahru for its booming cafes and brunch spots, but I wouldn't have experienced the wet market bargains and evening park strolls myself if I hadn't taken on this task to unveil the sights and sounds of this magical place. So stop your daily grind for just a moment, take in what nature has to offer, and learn to appreciate the little things in life :) x

Chelsea x