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Photos by Wei Min, Art Direction by Chelsea, Hair by Artistry Hair Professional. In Collaboration with Sebamed.

We all know the skin, the largest organ of our body, needs constant care and attention due to dealing with varied stress daily — but have you neglected one of our most sensitive parts of the body? Personally, I've been cleansing my feminine area with lukewarm water during showers for the longest time, before I was introduced to any feminine wash products. Imagine my shock when I found out that our sensitive area has thousands of sweat glands from exercise, menstruation and the scorching weather that could cause the growth of bad bacteria, and even lead to odour! In fact, even activities that you practice in your daily lifestyle such as a dip in the pool or wearing of tight jeans might cause a reaction to your sensitive areas.

Some of you might be wondering though, why can't we just use conventional soap to gently cleanse our private areas? The reason behind this is due to its pH value, because conventional soap is more alkaline to our skin whereas Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash provides a healthy balance between the acidic-alkaline pH meter. Nevertheless, it's a fuss-free washing routine with Sebamed. Just gently pour a coin-sized amount into the palm, lather it up with water, cleanse your private areas and you'll be fresh and clean in no time at all! No worries about the limitations as it can be used daily whenever you're heading in for a shower.

Upon better understanding of my body, I've given the Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash a try during my daily shower routine to cleanse my skin at the sensitive areas gently. It has only been slightly more than a week, but I'm definitely a convert! It's extremely calming to my skin, with moisturizing and cooling effects due to the aloe-vera extracts found within. At times, I experience irritations and discomfort at certain times of the day, but I've noticed how the chamomile extracts within the Feminine Intimate Wash components helped to calm soreness and reduce irritation.

1 - Feminine Intimate Wash pH 3.8
I'm currently using this product because of the pH value of 3.8 that creates a micro-flora balance of the genital acid mantle. When gently applied, it really gives out a fresh floral scent and feels cooling yet mild on the skin. In fact, not only during the menstrual cycle, it is definitely reassuring us of freshness and its pleasant fragrance for your personal comfort, as a daily feminine hygiene is strongly recommended.

2 - Feminine Intimate Wash pH 6.8
Adjusted to the pH value of 6.8, this series cater to women experiencing the on-set of menopause. This is due to the occurrence of hormonal changes that lead to dryness of the mucous lining that reduces protective capacity. Hence, it helps provide adequate therapy that supports feminine hygiene.

In fact, if you're a loyal fan of Sebamed, or an eager reader waiting to try the Feminine Intimate Wash for yourself, you're in luck!

To receive your FREE Sebamed Shower Gel Grapefruit with each purchase of the Sebamed Feminine Wash ($17.45),  simply quote 'Cheowster' at the Buyers Memo when you check out here (pH 3.8 - sensitive) or here (pH 6.8 - menopause)

Promotion will be valid until 10 October 2016, so fastest fingers first ;) It's a really great chance to grab this deal and yet try out the Sebamed Feminine Wash for yourselves, too.

3 - Facial Cleanser
4 - Olive Face & Body Wash
5 - Clear Face Gentle Scrub
We love how the good people of Sebamed also gave us the opportunity to try out their other range of skin products, popular among regular customers. My favourite of the lot has got to be the Olive Face & Body Wash as it's an extra mild, soap-free cleansing formula that leaves my skin more fragrant and smoother from the olive oil components. Plus, it acts as a great 2-in-1 face and body wash that saves lots of convenience when you're heading for a swim or travelling!

Stay beautiful, ladies!

Chelsea x