Update: I'm heading for a road-trip to Taiwan this March 2018, covering Taipei, Tai Chung, Kao Hsiung, and many other places. If you're interested, you can find me on my Instagram as I'll be exploring other insta-worthy places to go!

My third trip to Taiwan a few months back resumes my hunt for delicious street food, interesting things to do, lots of shopping trips and cool scenic spots #forthegram. Nothing makes me happier than exploring new places, finding the right spot/angles for an Instagram-worthy shot and — probably a common blogger's addiction. One of the most popular places that truly captures the essence of the hustle and bustle of the city would be the popular Xi Men Ding shopping district.

What I'd like to see next: Taipei 101

Similarly, Taipei 101 is one of the most popular tourist spots in Taiwan, a tall skyscraper of 89-storey high where tourists can overlook a beautiful Greater Taipei area from above. I've heard there's actually a Starbucks hidden at the 35th storey of Taipei 101, where you need to make reservations for, but get to enjoy a gorgeous view over coffee and cakes thereafter. 


On the last day of our 7D6N trip, we were contemplating on which part of Taipei to venture to that we have yet to visit. After doing some quick research, we've decided to head to Sanxia Old Street, a traditional, suburban district in New Taipei City that required a short journey over. I was SO happy when the bus stop we alighted at was just nearby this beautiful hidden gem! You don't often get to enjoy such nature in areas of Taipei, and it was our luck that we got to chance upon this view.

What I'd like to see next: Sun Moon Lake

However, as much as I loved this secret spot, it would be a much more eye-opening experience to marvel at the beauty of Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan where tourists can enjoy boat rides and bicycle tours around the lake and most importantly (well, at least to me and my crazy obsession with capturing quality photos), capture greater moments at one of Taiwan's most famous tourist attraction, too!


For this trip, I've decided to include a night's stay in Beitou to check out their hot springs, also because it was my boyfriend's first experience. Not only was Beitou a hot spot among aspiring Pokemon Go trainers, it's known for its natural green spaces and outdoor bathhouses where tourists can pop by to enjoy authentic thermal hot springs. We made a stop at Beitou Hot Spring Museum too, and they had really nice phototaking opportunities at different corners of the location.

What I'd like to see next: Volando Wulai Private Hot Spring

I've heard so much about the Volando Wulai Private Hot Springs and have always wanted to drop a visit because not only do you get to enjoy the therapeutic waters at the famous hot spring resort in Xindian, you can actually enjoy drinking afternoon tea at the comfort of your private room too. In addition, their bathhouses are all crafted from natural stone!


The journey to the famous Shifen district required some travelling, but it was a great first experience for the both of us having to catch a glimpse of the old railroad that still retained the charm of the olden days and witnessing the beautiful release of sky lanterns and happy faces of tourists and locals :) Will definitely share more on my itinerary on interesting places to visit in my upcoming posts! Never stop dreaming and wandering :)

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