It's been God knows how long since I last did a proper blog post to express my thoughts - you know those moments when you neglect your blog (for those who own one) and go on a hiatus for the longest time? Not something I'm proud of but I don't usually get the motivation to write a chunk of words unless I feel a sudden inspiration to do so. Haha!

Moving on from all the blabbering, I recently joined TSL (The Smart Local) Talent Search 2017 and for those who don't know, it's basically a 3D2N bootcamp held for anyone who wants to have a kickstart to the YouTube industry but doesn't know where to start. Also, the winner walks away with cash incentives, along with a contract with TSL. So here's my story.

Backend Story:

One of my good friends shared about the competition with me and told me that it was a good opportunity to give a try. I told her I wasn't keen because I knew I wasn't the most presentable in front of the camera and I've always been someone who was straightforward with her thoughts. Just one week before the deadline, my two other girlfriends told me the exact same thing when they found out about the Talent Search, and told me that I had nothing to lose if I was willing to try. After all, we had to submit our 1-min video introduction beforehand and only the top 12 would get shortlisted for the bootcamp. So I decided to go ahead with it nearing the deadline, which was why I think I submitted on the deadline itself or 1 day past the deadline? LOL. I can't remember, but it was a really quick and impromptu filming but I was glad I gave it a shot.

A few days before the bootcamp, I received a call from them getting notified that I've been shortlisted for the top 12. It was quite a surprise because I believe there were quite a number of candidates who tried to join. Nevertheless, I was excited and got ready for the bootcamp itself.

Day 1 - Introduction:

I guess one thing that I wasn't ready for were the cameras that were on us 24/7 of the time - whether we were playing games, having casual talks over lunch, or during break time when we took turns to go for solo interviews in the interview room. The moment I stepped into the office, Fauzi (our host for this series) was waving and the camera was pointing over. Also, I was quite sad because I thought I wasn't the last to arrive (I think I was about 5 minutes late) but I ended up being the latest :')

I'll just take screenshots of the videos uploaded along the way to better describe the day, as we weren't allowed to take any photos/videos during the series to keep the series a hush-hush before it was released.

So I sat down where everyone was, gathered around the table waiting for someone to give us instructions. Everyone was already having fun and introducing themselves, while I just got settled in marvelling at their office because it was really damn chio. When it was my turn, I really didn't know how to describe my current occupation (I'm just as unemployed as Razis is, LOL), so I mentioned that I do freelance events.

"What kind of events?"

"Err.. You know those girls walking along Orchard road carrying balloons?"

Everyone started laughing so if they ever call me balloon girl, you know the reason. Haha.

So we started our official introduction to the audience where Fauzi (he's sitting on the right in his white shirt, haha) asked us questions and everyone got to know a bit more about each other. Then again, it was everyone's first time seeing one another, and we were filming almost all the time, so it was something that the audience might have overlooked on when watching the series. I believe it might all have looked smiley and fun, but we definitely aren't experienced filmmakers/hosts and as "human" as we are, we do get nervous from time to time.

Games & Forfeits:

However, there were certain times we forget all the serious filming moments when we're having fun. We played a few rounds of games, with the ones I remember being 2 Truths 1 Lie and Time Bomb. And even until today, I'm still #TeamRazis because he never fails to make people laugh with his funny antics. Honestly, he is such a natural in front of the camera and a really nice guy off camera too. Although his drawing needs improvement... Cannot let him be too happy reading this with all those praises, HAHAHA. Ok, moving on!

So, there came to a point on the second episode that created the most drama in the series. At 11:00 before the video ended, there was a short snippet of the next episode where we were split into groups at random for team work.

It showed a part of our group discussion which went something like this.

Not the best screenshot of me, but it was part that left audience hanging on for the next episode. Which left the audience leaving comments, to which I quote -

I have to admit I was a little upset from reading them, maybe because it felt like a misunderstanding that the audience weren't able to see through the little snippets of the videos that were chosen to be aired. Then again, I didn't think of the consequences of mentioning the truth in front of the camera, because I could have gone with a typical answer that said, "Everyone had fun." and continued with the show. Perhaps in the future I could have thought of a more tactful way to express my thoughts?

Filming & Editing:

Moving on to Episode 3, there were more snippets of the discussion aired where we had difficulties working with Lysander, as the audience could see from the videos aired. I can't find the comment that was actually asking for this whole behind-the-scenes thing to be explained, but quite a number of my friends also came up to ask me on what actually happened.

As I'm writing this now 2 months from the actual bootcamp, I can't remember what exactly happened, but in a nutshell, it was hard for Alvina, myself, and Bryan (who chose to be quieter during the discussion) to work with Lysander because of 1) our different viewpoints on how we were going to script the scene 2) having to work under time pressure and 3) in front of the camera. From what people infer as "creating hate" and "backstabbing", we felt that it was actually speaking the truth behind what went behind the team work.

However, after we finished our scripting and filming, Lysander did apologise to our team and said sorry if he sounded a little too bossy. Of course, these are moments you don't get to see aired on the show. Here's a part of the comment in the Elimination video where he explained some parts to the audience:

Also, we came together 2 months later to film this episode,

The finale! I was really glad that they got us a chance to explain a little at 8:06, talking about what we felt in general about the reaction given by the audience. It felt so nice to see everyone together again and definitely a more comfortable feeling this time round since we already knew one another from the bootcamp. Congrats Zhin for winning the competition! :)

And with all that said, it comes to the main reveal, where we started a whole new channel...

Super excited to be filming upcoming videos with this gang, and if you're wondering what wing ding means, it defines a lively, fun and lavish party - which is what we're hoping to bring forth to the audience! Also, check out Razis giving us a Chinese crash course. HAHAHA. So yea, this basically sums up my time spent with these lovely people in the TSL Talent Search 2017, not forgetting Fauzi who has been really awesome at hosting - it was his birthday and he spent the whole day working on this series. :') Anyhoo, catch us over at our new channel, hoping to release more videos with the WingDing Fam!