Wearing my new baby pink kicks from Bata Singapore out to play, one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I currently own! As the saying goes, good shoes take you to places, but what if you don't happen to get the right pair? Recently, I've been on a two-weeks trip to Japan with my family (blog post up very soon), and I bought a few new pairs of shoes to match up with my apparels for OOTD shots. However, there were a few things that didn't occur to me.

1) Walking long distances in new shoes took a toll on my feet.

I guess in Singapore, we're fortunate to have such an advanced transportation system where we can go around just about anywhere and everywhere by public transport. In addition, it helps that we're a small country to begin with. Although Japan's technology is definitely more advanced, we were walking around a lot of the time, in shopping malls, along parks, in the scenic fields and just along the streets. My feet started hurting from the new shoes and all the walking, and I had to buy a new pair of white shoes in Japan that was super comfortable, just right for me to walk around in. Hence, I wore that for subsequent days. 

2) My feet started to emit odour from constantly wearing the same shoes.

I know right, sounds so embarrassing! Naturally, wearing the same pair of shoes constantly everyday for many hours, started to cause my feet to smell slightly due to the bacteria on the skin that breaks down to sweat from the pores. To add on to the embarrassment, I didn't have my socks on - which would have been essential to help prevent feet odour. 

So what I have with me here are the Fragrance Inserts that came together with the isShoe shoe care package that was sent over to me recently. What the active carbon shoe deodorizer acts as, is to absorb moisture from within the shoe that is the main contributing factor for shoe bacteria that leads to smelly feet. It's anti-fungal and helps remove odour in a hands-free manner. Plus, I love how it comes in so many different colours! Caring for your shoes doesn't have to be boring and dull anymore. ;)

3) Constantly wearing my white shoes caused dirt to collect.

As this pair of white shoes was the most comfortable new pair of shoes I owned, I found myself obsessed with it (even until today, yes!) and wearing it every other day because we had to do so much walking, I had to ensure my feet wasn't hurting anymore. Of course, everyone knows that it's common how white is the easiest to get dirty out of all shades. 

Upon reaching home, I thought that it was a great time to try out the Japan Jewel Shoe Eraser and see how it could work its magic on my soiled white shoes. As you can infer from its name, it erases dirt marks from, scuffs or stains from regular canvas or suede shoes just like how you're looking at erasing a mistake on a piece of white paper. Isn't it awesome? It's so much more fuss-free compared to washing/cleaning up your shoes tediously, works like a gem for lazy people like me who love to keep my things neat and tidy the easiest way possible by cutting some slack. I know the difference isn't significant, because the shoe is only a few weeks old - I bought it from Japan! But it was much clearer IRL when I was erasing away the stained mark on my shoe.

4) Shoe storage space was insufficient in my humble HDB abode.

I've always envied people who stay in landed houses because they always get their own front yard where they can display their beautiful collection of shoes and allow them to ventilate at the same time. However, I belong to the majority of Singaporean residents who live in a humble HDB apartment, and we all know that we don't get much space if you're talking about just a single unit. Trust me, my parents are forever nagging on how I have too many shoes and that some shoes that I rarely or don't wear anymore, just got to go. 

Well, not anymore! I love how the Elenor Premium Plastic Shoe Box aids in creating ample space with its stackable box concept. I assembled the materials easily when the package came, and the ridges/grooves snugly fit the boxes, preventing them from sliding or toppling over easily. My favourite feature is the adorable drop front cover that creates an easy access to your favourite shoes, especially when you're in a rush down because your Grab or Uber has arrived... Tell me I'm not the only one? Haha. Also check out other shoe racks here!

Additional shoe care hacks:

Here's another embarrassing secret of mine... I never knew the use of a shoe tree until isShoe sent me the Ecoblack Plastic Shoe Tree? Basically, it helps to preserve the shape of each shoe by placing it inside, and stop it from developing creases and extending the life of the shoe. It was really lightweight and the best part, the shoe trees were all adjustable! All the space, time and money you could save on, buying different sizes of shoe trees just to find the perfect fit. 

Also, lets not forget about leather shoes, especially for the gentlemen. The Bellissimo Shoe Brush is made of premium hardwood handle and 100% horse hair, and the perfect size for brushing your leather shoes and maintaining its sparkle. 

Last but not least, the coolest item on the list yet! I'm sure you've seen videos of materials that repel almost any type of liquid and wonder how it's done?! The Hydrophobic Spray Repulse does the trick! Not only does it go with an easy application and is colourless/odourless too, it's simply amazing how it works! You can use it on materials ranging from suede and canvas to cotton and nylon. Each application lasts 2-3 weeks too, and you have 250ml bottle full of this magical spray! Instructions here.

Honestly speaking, I never knew this much about shoe care until this package was sent to me, because just like any other lazy person out there, all I do is wear my shoes out, reach home, chuck it aside at the shoe rack and the cycle repeats. Not only were my shoes in a mess, the thought of bacteria growth from wearing the shoes overtime does come to me now, and sometimes when I leave my shoes outdoors at my boyfriend's place, they get stolen because I didn't store it nicely in the house? Gosh.

To top it off, isShoe is going the extra mile and giving back to society. Part of their yearly earnings will be donated to less fortunate communities around the world, to buy these individuals a proper pair of footwear to walk in. :') It would be lovely if you could check them out and support the cause too! You can even donate your old shoes or money for the less fortunate here. Spread the love!

Chelsea x