I don't know about you, but I always face this problem of getting my earphones entangled — every. single. time. It's always the case, especially when I bring my earphones along with me on my travels, intending to plug in on my favourite Spotify playlist for hour-long flights or comfy train rides on my trips, to end up with a huge amount of time spent trying to sort it out. Am I glad that I don't have to worry about such issues anymore with the latest SUDIO Tre Earphones sent over!

If you haven't already heard, SUDIO Sweden is widely known for their cutting-edge earphones, not only designed to fit into our lifestyles but also serves different purposes. Their Tre collection is catered best for active users, with sweat and water-resistant functions and custom wing-tips for a secure fit. This is, without fail, extremely important when you're going out for a run and want your earphones to be kept in place without interfering your exercise routine.

One of my favourite features from the Tre range would be its Bluetooth function, given that I have yet found a suitable fit for my current iPhone 8+, as its design doesn't come with a headphone jack. I also tend to explore the city often when travelling, so the 9 hours battery life would definitely be in handy! Did I also mention that it has great mic clarity and Siri voice control too?! The only thing that might take me a little longer to adapt to, would be the full sound transparency function. I usually prefer to block out all noise from the background, but sometimes, I end up losing touch with my surroundings which could even lead to dangerous situations. Hence I'm getting myself to adapt to this new function, while still being able to tune in to my favourite music and podcasts.


Not paid to say this, but though it's my first time working with SUDIO, they have been such wonderful and generous individuals whom I love working with! Besides their excellent service, they have been so utterly generous with their products, sending over these lovely sets of my desired colors for me to try. I'm always thankful when I can share my client's products with my family members, and it came just in time when both my mum and brother were facing issues with their previous set of earphones. They are both currently using this series now and it even comes with a handmade leather case for each set! Available in: Black, Blue, White (with rose gold), and Pink.

Here's something special that the team from SUDIO would like to share with you guys: For this season, you can cart out your favourite pair of earphones for 15% off, using the code <cheowster> and get a complimentary limited edition summer tote bag with every purchase made by 30 May! I'm currently using the pink pair of earphones; get a pair to try too, or even for your loved ones!