One of the questions I get asked very often by friends and relatives is, “Are you a full-time blogger/content creator?” My response will always be a quick laugh, followed by, “No lah.. Very hard to do full-time, but it helps me earn a side income!” So I thought I’d share a bit of my experience for those who might be keen to start creating content! Just keep in mind that it’s really not something you do for the fame, status, or just because every other person is doing it. As cliché as it sounds, you really should be passionate for the content you create (whether food, travel or beauty), the process of creating it, and are genuine about the reviews you’re sharing to your audience. Also, don’t ever succumb to buying fake likes/followers and degrade yourself because even though the people around you might not say it out loud, they will still be able to see through.

So through the past many years of blogging, social media content creation and even starting Wing Ding Fam with the team and learning how to create/edit videos last year, I’ve learnt how you can either work directly with clients or through PR agencies for campaigns. However, to put it bluntly across, they will usually engage/notice you only when you have a certain level of audience so as to get the word to a bigger crowd.

Now, here’s some good news for you.. Not just for “influencers” (so cringe, I actually prefer the term content creators), Partipost allows anyone to join and download! Simply just Snap. Post. Earn. If you’re wondering, “What is Partipost?” ― basically it works on a crowd marketing concept to allow users to earn extra cash through sharing the word on social media. You get to browse ongoing campaigns and try out new products, enjoy a meal or attend events too. Of course, you’re not obliged to take up any campaigns that you don’t want to, just browse through to see what’s suitable to your niche and/or likings.

Once it’s done, submit your posts for approval before posting it up on Instagram/Facebook. Do note that only approved ones are allowed to be uploaded on social media and get paid! Earn some extra cash depending on the amount of likes, shares or tags you receive. That’s how their payout structure works, which is transparent on the app so it doesn’t cover any hidden fees from you. Money is also easy to withdraw through the app, and yes, it’s completely free to download! Check out Partipost here!

Here’s a posting I did some time ago for Shopback! Partipost has grown a lot ever since then, and they have even worked with other well-established brands such as Nando’s, Grab, Singtel, Honestbee, and Timberland! Some of you might be wondering if there are any exclusive rights or contracts needed to be signed in order to participate. Nope, you don’t have to, and are always free to work with other brands!

So yeah, for those of you who might be keen to try it out, just remember to give truthful, honest reviews and it’s not about climbing a social ladder or being a wannabe like many may claim; it’s to have a liking for creating content and sharing a good experience with your audience, whether big or small! Hope this came helpful for you :) Good luck, and happy posting!