After the past few weeks of drowning in back-to-back presentations and projects, I can finally say that I'm almost done for the first term of Year 3! *confetti please* Which also finally gives me time to write on my turning of the big 20 a month back!

As usual, another mundane day in school albeit knowing that it was my birthday. Got a few hugs, well wishes, and lessons as usual. Things started to brighten up a little when a fatty called me out to meet him.


After sneaking out of class...

Danston: "Eh take picture lah, where got people birthday don't take picture one?"
Me: "... Ok ok." *shows him a fantastic camera app that covers all flaws and stuff*

Danston: "Omg I look fucking handsome."


And because I had to run past the classroom door to avoid being seen by my lecturer on the way back to class...

Danston: "We run past together on the count of 3 ok!"
Me: "Ok good good!!" (actually pleased to see him cooperate with me for once)
Danston: "1... 2... 3!!"


*turns around*
Danston: "HAHAHAHA." 



But apart from being an ass and calling me something like a fat waddling duck when I stupidly ran across the classroom door alone (and still got seen by my lecturer), I really love this annoying fat boy right here.


Went for lecture after lunch and spent the entire hour gossiping with Valetta and playing Jelly Splash on my iPhone. Honestly so bored and couldn't wait to get out of the lecture hall just like any other lecture because we all know that everyone goes there just for the attendance-taking. (basically)

In the Lecture Hall...

*during lecture*

(14:20) Lecturer: "DBID, you guys are making too much noise."
(14:38) Lecturer: "People, I need your silence please..."

(14:47) Lecturer: "Why is DBID being so restless today? You guys are talking way too much!"

I was kind of annoyed how our lecturer kept targeting at my course, although we were pretty noisy and I have to admit that hehe. (but still?!) And what was worse was when she said...

(15:00) Lecturer: "Ok, so we shall stop here for today but DBID, stay back, I need to talk to you guys."
Me: *expression* "fuhgggg?"
Lecturer: "The rest of you can you please leave the hall, I need to scold some people."

*people from the other course started leaving*

Lecturer: "DBID, please move up to fill up the seats in front."
Me: (to Valetta) "Seriously damn lame..."
Valetta: "Aiya, just let her do what she wants lah."

*people from the next lecture started coming in to get their seats first*

Lecturer: "Sorry, can you guys leave for a while? I need to scold some people."
Me: (to Valetta again) "Walao every time scold some people scold some people. Sekali she secretly wanna wish me happy birthday..." (meant it jokingly and I was quite irritated that time)
Valetta: "Eh, 不要笑她 ley?!??!"

*after everything was settled*

Lecturer: "Ok, is everyone here?"
Course mates: "Yea... Eh?? Where's Wei Min?"
Me: *turns around and realize Wei Min wasn't there anymore*

Course mates: "Cheows, where's Wei Min??"

Me: "I don't know... Ok I call him I call him."

Mega irritated because I hate it when people ask me about Wei Min's presence and I don't know about his whereabouts and stuff. I assumed he had sneaked back to class or skipped lecture, so I gave him a call and was like, 

Me: "Eh, where are you?? Faster faster come back now..."
Wei Min: "Huh? Ok ok..."

Just then, I heard Lauren went "WHOA~" Outside the lecture hall as if she almost dropped something. And suddenly, everyone in the lecturer hall started turning towards me, laughing and imitating Lauren (LOL) as if they were trying to conceal something. 

That was when I found out...

It was a birthday surprise for me!!!! I FELT SO BAD because all the while when I was grumbling about my lecturer's behaviour, she was actually helping my course mates plan a successful surprise for my birthday! I'm so sorry, thank you so much HAHA. *slaps self* *20 and immature*

Pretty weird how we had to cut the cake outside the lecture hall and in front of the eyes of many students who were staring at this girl with all the rainbow stuff. Was sad because I haven't received my white platforms and am always stuck to wearing the black one that doesn't match my clothes! Thank goodness for my rainbow scrunchie!

Apart from the huge rainbow cake, my course mates also got a sunflower for me during their lunch time because they said I'm as cheerful as a flower, HAHA. Xie xie! Finally, a bit of photo taking time (in no particular order) before everyone got back to rushing for projects!

1. D'BEST Girls

2. The Three Fates

(right to left) Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup

They were so eager to watch me open right in front of them, just to see my reaction of getting not only a camera but a one with Spongebob prints - but when I spoilt the surprise and said that I have one of these too at home, they become really disappointed. LOL. I still love it, thank you! 

3. F4 

Don't mess with us.

Nah, actually we're a rather friendly bunch. Pretty much so, maybe except for Valetta (who hates everyone). But, hey, my best friend can be nice too okay. HAHA.

And what's a birthday without a cake smash party, right? Not that I wanted it, but I got conned to taking a picture with them and had cream smeared over my face. Thanks for the free makeup!


A simply collage but I love it! I don't know the detailed process of how you guys planned the surprises or any difficulties that you went through, but I felt so grateful that day and just want to thank every single one of you who contributed to this, no matter big or small.

Horribly blurred but adorable picture of the cream smearing by the boys.

5. Ashley

Love of my life who hates me.

6. Andrey

Wei Min was working that evening and couldn't bring me to meet my friends. Thankfully, I managed to convince this guy who fetched me to Bugis! I think we have a bit of a couple face here, which probably means that Drey had became cuter! HAHA.

7. Atikah (my lost twin)

When you realize that your junior of the same course has the same birthday as you, and that both of you were actually born in the same year! Happy birthday to you too, Atikah! ^^

8. Wei Min 

How could I forget you, right? Treated like a princess by my friends on the day itself, but can't thank you more than enough for treating me like one every single day that I've spent with you. :')


Greeted by these pastel balloons of my favourite colours upon reaching Bugis+!

Cherlyn and Zei Kei (secondary school besties) met me for dinner and got me balloons (with a bubble blowing tube tied to the bottom) and a birthday girl tiara!! 

Totally in love with the interior design of Uniqlo too! Perfect for me to camwhore with my DSLR and everything princessy. Please don't mind me as I enjoy this precious moment <3

My blog banner that I find really nice! *self praise is a praise*

Headed to I Am... Cafe at Haji Lane and finally managed to get seats at this overly-crowded cafe for the first time!

My dinner treat consisted of ham and cheese pizza, a platter of chicken wings, calamari, nuggets, potato wedges and squid balls, along with my all-time favourite rainbow cake that came in such a gigantic size!

Two rainbow cakes in a day - my friends know me best. =)

My pretty girl in her adorable lilac blazer - she can really pull anything off!!

Charmaine joined a while later, and we ended up taking pictures past midnight, and managed to squeeze into a tiny photo booth to take neoprints (when it was actually meant for passport photo-taking, LOL).

This boy rushed back from his work area to find me again, even though it meant missing his dinner. Thank you, your presence is and has always been a gift to me.

Thank you to everyone who took time out off your busy schedules and workload of projects/presentations to celebrate this special day of mine. I'm honestly rather bad at reacting to surprises (like I won't actually look very happy when I actually am?) but I really appreciate all your efforts put in for me.

I had a blessed 20th, thank you. =)