Recent lack of updates (again) calls for another random impromptu post to make it up for it. Getting busier with everyday activities that it's getting harder and harder to keep track and everything's starting to snowball. Here is what I've been up to for the past few weeks and the stuff that will also be keeping me occupied for the next two months.

1. Dreading school

Every. Single. Day. (yup) The top on the list and always at the bottom of my mind. No need much description for this boring piece of news.

2. Hating on projects and presentations

Daily dose of spongebob to cheer me up
The most painful part of Polytechnic Life is having to press on with what you're doing because it's the final term of studies and not the time to give up. I can really feel everyone's energy dying down but still having to meet the client's high expectations, with our ideas getting rejected over and over again. C'mon guys, #6moreweeks. WE CAN DO THIS.

3. Juggling between work and school

I get the flexibility of freelance writing jobs but it's not easy all the time. It includes the need for time when traveling from places to places, a never-ending stream of photos waiting to be edited and refined, brain-racking for interesting and new content writing, and satisfying your manager's needs for a good article. I'm not complaining, definitely not, given the growing opportunities I'm getting and really nice people whom I'm working with. It's just hard to balance everything at once, given the fact that I still have to prioritize my education first.

4. Cafe-hopping

I'm usually too lazy for this but thanks to my trusty driver who's always willing to fork out time to take me to places, I'm able to venture out to new, hidden places that never fail to disappoint me almost every single time. I've GOT to introduce you to this application that I recently downloaded - it's called SUGAR and I'm in love with it. It's a location-based app that basically helps you discover sweet places in your area at inviting prices, e.g. a bowl of truffle fries for $1.50. Try it!

5. Attending events

Part of my job scope is to attend events, either for mingling with guests or invites to party launches. Being part of TIN was a great opportunity (with Donn and Tricia above at their Monthly Boost Party) and I can't wait for the future events they have for us. Next week is the Yatch Party and I'm so looking forward to it!

6. Planning my next overseas trip

I usually go overseas with my entire family, but this time round, it's just gonna be my mum and I! Albeit guilty that I'll be missing a week of school for this, it's still right that someone accompanies her for her trip. We're going to be on different flights, but as long as I don't drool on the passenger next to me, it should be fine. One more week to go. London, here we come :-)

7. Catching the World Cup

Waited 4 freaking years to watch the Germans rise up again. Although my favourite star player Podolski isn't on the field often, I'm so glad that the other German players are doing pretty good thus far. Not sure if it's going to be the last game for Klose, but I hope that he can end his career well with a WC win from Germany. It's too painful to watch them get defeated again in the semi-finals and they just HAVE to win Brazil. Hopefully Ozil and Muller can work some magic again and get them up to the Finals, and emerge as champions. Neuer's heat map has also covered the entire field. LET'S DO THIS GERMAN BABIES.

8. Spending too much time with my boyfiez

It's actually never too much. :* Can't wait for our Hong Kong trip after the final term of school, before our internship begins. So at least before we intern at different ends of Singapore or when he gets locked in Tekong or when we enter the reality in the future and get too busy with work and shit, Imma spend the most of my time with him because I'm overly attached and loving it.

Hope that the list stays this way and not get longer for the time being (not interested in doing extra school work), apart from having more events / job opportunities to my liking that I'll be able to take up. Can't wait for freedom again to try out new things and keep my career growing. What about you?