Just about a week ago, The Influencer Network organized another monthly TIN Boost Party - this time round on a premier luxury yacht!! Such a privilege to be on board an experience like this that I just couldn't miss it for the world.

Getting to Sentosa Cove was a challenge, though. Wei Min couldn't fetch me in because bikes were not allowed into Sentosa. It took me at least half an hour just to get here from Vivo City and it was such a pain. Thankfully, I managed to make it (although super guilty that I was the last), but here is a Guideline of the Directions to Sentosa Cove so that this situation doesn't happen to you too!

Directions to Sentosa Cove: 

By Mass Rapid Transit: 

You'll have to alight at Vivo City / Harbourfront Station, and take the Sentosa Express or walk in through the Sentosa Boardwalk. (more details below)

By Sentosa Express or Sentosa Boardwalk:

It costs $4 for a ride on the Sentosa Express, and only $1 if you choose to walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk. Takes a longer time, though.

Upon reaching Beach Station, alight and walk to the bus interchange and take Bus 3 and stop at Sentosa Cove Village. Bus 3 took a LONG time to arrive (frequency of 30 minutes), so make sure you're prepared to wait.

By Taxi: (recommended)

This is by far the best option because Donn mentioned that some of them took a cab from Vivo City and only had to pay around $4+. This means that you only have to pay about $1 each if you're entering in a group!


This place is gorgeous and perfect for photoshoots or a scenic walk, even when you're not here to ride on the yacht. It's just a tad difficult to find the yacht number, because this lovely place is HUGE and I had to circle around the entire village to finally find the one I'm taking.

Tip: Dress nicely. It's not everyday you get to take awesome pictures on a yacht.

Tip: If you intend to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive, remember to bring along your bathing suits! A list of items to bring can be found here.

Thankfully, William and Shaun guided me to the yacht once I reached the entrance. No more waiting, no time for picture-taking too. Blisters on my feet don't stop me now, because I'm terribly late!

Tip: Unless you know that you'll be punctual for the appointed timing to set sail, DON'T wear heels. You can't wear them on board anyway, until you alight on the island.

An exhausted me with a gleeful look of relief. Hair was messed up (not that it wasn't in the first place) by the wind and disgusting perspiration from all that running in platform heels. Still, I MADE IT ON BOARD.

In fact, you can witness me trying to get my hair fixed at 0:55 in this video by The Influencer TV. It's actually quite funny to me, HAHA. 

Finally got the chance to snap some pictures against the beautiful background. The captain gave us a short briefing before we sailed off to Lazarus Island. Shoes are to be placed in the boxes provided at the back of the yacht, and you can place your bags in the cabin. 

Tip: A smart idea would be to have a good strong waterproof bag along with you so that you can place your electronics (camera, phone) inside and not worry about getting water on them.

Just look at the breathtaking view from the cruise! It was about 6:15pm and the best time to snap your pictures away. Be careful of the waters, though, they might be a bit of a splash at times when the tide gets choppy, so carry your cameras well! We don't want all your pictures to get washed away.. ;)

Upon reaching Lazarus Island...

Greeted by the cutest clowder of cats!!!!! How is this possible that these little cuties are right here on the dock waiting for our arrival?! *squeals* I can't wait to get down and play with these little furballs already!

However, I realized that everyone was alighting the yacht to give all their attention to these kitties. So why not I take this chance to explore the yacht for a little? =)

White Sails Yacht Tour:

1. 40 ft. Clipper Heritage

Look at Samuel enjoying himself on the top deck!
White Sails' motor yacht, built in 2011, seats the largest capacity of 20 people on board this luxury private yacht. She features two guest rooms with a spacious head, a comfortable saloon (yacht cabin), a spacious flybridge and additional outdoor spaces with safe and wide side decks.

2. Large Sun Pads

Guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic view of nature on the large sun pads at the yacht's bow. Railings are easily located for your safety, in cases of choppy waters.

A must-take spot for photos!

3. Great Specifications

Venturing in a group of 15? No problem for White Sails! Take a day off from work/school for a well deserving holiday aboard your own private yacht with family and friends.

4. Comfortable Saloon (interior cabin)

A large wrap-around sofa complemented with a teak tea coffee table would be just what customers need for a cozy dinnertime by the waters. The saloon is fully air-conditioned, and an entertainment center is also available, which includes a stereo and 21-inch TV. Wash your hands clean at the back kitchen that's maintained in a pristine condition! 

A large VIP Guestroom (offering a Queen Bed) along with a room with twin deck beds can also be located indoors! Of course, not forgetting the washroom. =)

5. 360° Panoramic View at the Flybridge

Introducing to you our new captain!
A beautiful bar with seating for 10 offers a delightful spot for cocktails and more casual dining at the top deck of the yacht, otherwise known as Flybridge. Crawled upstairs when it got darker at night, and the breeze was incredible! Just sit back against the comfortable sofas, chill with your friends, coupled with a few drinks and just enjoy the chilly wind and night view from above!

6. Key Features 

Here is a list of the Key Features on deck of White Sails. To find out more about Clipper Heritage, you can check them out here

Tip: For smaller groups, you can opt for rental of smaller yacht. Click here for 5 pax, and here or here for 10 pax. Of course, 20 pax lets you have the almighty Clipper Heritage!

Finally, after a simple tour around the yacht, let's explore Lazarus Island!

Just lying there all day, rolling around against the warm planks and having the time of their nine lives while waiting for the next few human beings to play with them again. Some cats lead better lives than us...

Ooo, is this a cat fight I see? Hehe.

Here kitty kitty, don't be afraid, I'm here to take care of you... :')

Just kidding, I'm just posing for a picture as awkwardly as ever because my heels are too high and I didn't want to dirty my white floral skorts. #girls 

What I love most about pretty places is that they are pretty EMPTY places, too. This means that I can take good photos wherever I want to and not worry about receiving death stares or getting photo-bombed by strangers.

Tip: We have been warned by our captain that there are LOTS OF MOSQUITOES HERE. Do stay alert, and be prepared with huge amounts of anti-repellent spray to shield yourselves from those bugs!

Getting your photoshoots done at Lazarus Island? Here are 3 spots you can shoot at!

1. Along the Pathway

The "Hey, I'm fabulous" pose
The "I'm not ready yet" pose
The "Trying to act cool" pose
2. Who's that Pokemon? (a.k.a. Hiding in the Grass Fields)

The "It's cool to look away while taking a picture" pose
The "Now I'll look to my right instead" pose
3. On the Bridge

The "(self-claimed) Cutie" pose
The "Amituofo" pose
The "I didn't see that picture coming!!" pose
The "Hehe let me take another one :-)" pose

One last puppy-eyed kitty look before we left the island. These stray cats are simply adorable!

Returned back to the cabin to be surprised with the wide variety of light snacks to fill our grumbling tummies! Couldn't have been possible without the kind sponsors from Oh's Farm Catering who have brought their catering service all the way to a yacht! 

Oh's Farm not only caters this spread of food here, but they also serve a wide assembly of culinary diversities - such as Oriental, Western, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Thai and other Fusion Cuisines that will leave you spoilt for choice. They even do event planning for weddings and special occasions! 

Thank you Oh's Farm Catering once again! 

Tip: It's always important to keep your stomachs filled even when cruising away. Why not try Oh's Farm Catering? Contact them here!

Had a short celebration for Hong Peng on the yacht. Happy birthday!
The sun then began to set (I mean, duh) and it was time to head home. Here's a nicely taken group photo by William, who struggled to get the blue lighting replaced with a normal white light with one hand grabbing onto the camera and the other holding onto the light beam! Hahaha!

Got a little seasick on the way back, though. It happens to me so often that I just can't go without one airplane ride or sea trip without feeling dizzy or the urge to puke.

Tip: If you're prone to seasickness, bring along a panadol or seasick tablets. Bring a bottle of water too, just in case. If you need to wear a sea-band, bring it along too!

Random shots taken because I was really amazed with the whole swirly lights effect. Tried to form a heart but I ended with circles, LOL. At least they are pretty circles... *comforts self*

Super beautiful reflections that show hints of my improved photography skills. Teehee. =)

An Oh's Farm souvenir that includes their information booklet as well as a really convenient portable set of utensils! It fits really snugly into the tiny blue pencil case.

Thank you to the TIN Team and Influencers for the fun! Special thanks to Shaun for helping me take photos!
This concludes my Guide to a White Sails Day Cruise to Lazarus Island! Hope you found it useful. =) You can even travel to other different destinations, such as Johor and Bintan. They are just a short email or phone call away, so contact them if you're interested in a fun yacht experience as much as I was!

Visit their FAQ page for more queries. Remember to refer to my tips - they might come in useful. =)