We need to start spending more time on things that we love.

There's a saying in Chinese that goes, "人是活的, 书是死的". It's bluntly translated as "People are living, books are dead", and I can't agree further. Too much time is spent forcing ourselves to suck things up because we don't have a say with nasty bosses. Too much time is spent on books and theory during your youth period, just for a certificate that the majority already obtained. Are you really doing it out of your own will, or is it because everybody else is doing the same?

Why not let the year of 2015 be a more enjoyable one? Start working on your hobbies and craft a path out from there. Nobody said you have to live under other people's orders for your whole life. So what if you're not study-smart? All you need is a driven passion and a street-smart attitude. Of course, it's always important to be humble.

Don't tell yourself you can't do it if you haven't tried / if you haven't tried ENOUGH / even if you've failed. Don't let others bring down that burning passion of yours to succeed differently. Tell yourself you're special - know your strengths, and act on it.

Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. - Anonymous

This also serves as a friendly but constant reminder for myself. Let's work on a better year ahead with plans that are finally ready to be acted upon. Hope this article lightened up your Tuesday. =)