Heads up, guys! It's the official closure of Challenge 1 of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4. Get yourselves ready as we proceed to Challenge 2, because...

I'll be running a flea booth to raise
funds for SPCA Singapore!!! 

This has probably got to be the most exciting challenge out of all three challenges of the competition! The "Like A Boss" Challenge gets contestants working together in teams to re-package Sticky candies and market them to the public at a pop-up store. Basically, we can get to be our own boss during this short but fulfilling event!

In fact, here are 6 reasons why you HAVE to bring yourself down to our booth this Saturday:

1) Unicorn cupcakes, anyone???

(Source: littlestarcupcakes - similar designs but image above for illustration purposes only)

YOU HEARD ME RIGHT... UNICORN CUPCAKES!!! I cannot even contain my excitement omg. So thankful to the nicest people of Mad4bakes for supporting our event for charity. We will be having a variety of vanilla, chocolate and even red velvet flavours - don't deny that it hasn't tempted you yet! ;)

2) We have candies

(Source: sticky)

Super tasty rock candies, specially hand-made by Sticky Singapore! Just look at how tiny and adorable these little sweets are - just pop them into your mouth and suck on it all day long! (don't think funny ah..)

(Source: qoo10)

Plus, my partner and I searched high and low for the perfect packaging for our sticky candies, and we chanced upon these lovely plastic packaging that are not just apt for the theme but so cute also right!! Still got a paw print with "thank you" on it leh. It's like the animals are thanking you for donating to them, you know?

3) Supporting Kaya

When I was forwarding our virtual poster over to my friends and spreading the word through my social media platforms, many of them were like "my name is Kaya", "Will Kaya be there?" and all that, ever since Challenge 1 when I made up a story on how I transformed from #oldschoollikekaya to #hotlikesambalbelacan.

So, here I am today, rallying my support from you as Kaya, ok? If that convinces you guys to come down. LOL. But honestly, this is my first time ever running a flea and I had zero experience with flea markets previously, so it would really mean a lot to me if you could just pop by to say hi! :-)

4) FREE Photo-Taking Services

By the way, the red cardigan belongs to me hahaha

Say hi to my photographer for the event! He may be shy around new people but this wonderful boyfriend of mine had been such a great support through my journey in CNOS4 so far. This image above was taken at the venue with Melody and Jason when we had to take a group OOTD photo portraying Our Sister Mambo.

Of course, after getting approval from the management, who else couldn't reject my offer but to help out with taking pictures of the actual event (too) because he's such a saint? =P

5) Try your luck ‒ you may be the winner of our Lucky Dip!

(Source: elephantinaroom)

With a small minimum purchase, our customers will be able to stand a chance to participate in our Lucky Dip! Some of the prizes include massage vouchers from Feet Haven, limited-edition SPCA badges and customized drawstring tote bags (sample above), with drawings made to match the theme of our flea - animals!!

6) And finally, who doesn't want to do a good deed AND have fun at the same time?!

If you don't already know, SPCA (Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Singapore is a registered animal welfare charity that relies on donations from supporters to continue their role as an animal protector. We've heard so many stories about poor abandoned pets and abused creatures who lack care and love from their owners and human beings. And this is when you come in to help these poor little critters out :')

Besides these many reasons above, the other CNOS4 contestants will be running their very own attractions and games at the exact same location and it will be TONS of fun with so many activities to do at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

In addition,

Grab $1 OFF your purchase!!

Just drop by earlier between 2pm - 3pm and you might see us distributing these flyers! :-) Of course, we'd also be telling our customers that it would only be valid for the day itself, so grab this chance and get a dollar off any purchase!!

Be there, or be square.

Haha, get it? Because I uploaded above a square-ish virtual poster designed for Instagram....... *cricket noise*

Alright, see you there anyway!!! :-)