On the first day of my favourite month of the year, I held a pre-birthday celebration for my turning of 21 years young, together with my family and some of my best pals for the past few years. In all honesty, I had been pondering for the longest time ever whether I should be holding one as it would mean a sum of money out of my pockets, along with various other factors. Eventually, I decided to go for it and I never regretted it a single bit. =)

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Ms Lam: "Haha, kids' birthday party?"

As expected, I had a Spongebob-themed party with the themed outfit to be blue and white. Although I could say it had the sailor feel to match the Spongebob theme, I chose it because I really loved the combination of these colours. I sent the invitation e-card on Whatsapp after using an incredibly cute template I found online, and made necessary preparations for my big day!

Upon reaching the venue, we set up the tables, food, Spongebob props, decorations and balloons. It wasn't a fanciful party as I wanted it to be a small gathering with the people I'm close to, also to minimize the awkwardness within different groups of friends. As usual, many of them were late so I decided to place a sign right at the entrance getting the latecomers to pay up as their punishment. The results: $0 in the bag. Haha!

If you were wondering where I held my 21st Birthday Party, I had the greatest fun at Selfiebox — a "Selfie" photography studio that houses a professional studio setup with customized themes and props. Let me walk you through their range of facilities offered to customers.

Firstly, pick from a wide array of hundreds of props before getting started with the photo-taking. I was amazed by the great variety of props they had unlike many photo booths. All the props were neatly arranged according to their respective stations. In fact, they even have customized photobooth props that were specially created to fit our slang, such as 'Walao eh!' — and I found them so adorable!

Of all the props and decorations available, I especially loved their collection of onesies! My friends were totally obsessed with them!!! The presence of these onesies made the typical snapping at photobooths pale in comparison as it lacked that extra fun factor that Selfiebox was able to provide!

After selecting your props, it's time to check out the professional studio setups that Selfiebox offers. It includes a DSLR camera, Wireless Remote, Live Screen, and Lighting Source to ensure that the pictures are taken with appropriate brightness. In fact, there are two studios available for use so don't worry about having to wait hours before your turn. There are plenty of opportunities for all :-)

Finally, you can select from 6 different backdrop themes in total from both studio setups. Themes include really adorable backdrops such as Night Skies and Patterned Pineapples. You can manually adjust them from the strings by the side and get the right backdrop you desire. Now, you can start your selfie-taking with the aid of the wireless remote!

I was glad that Selfiebox had provided customers with two long tables because that saved me a rental fee of tables for the meals I catered for my guests. I ordered a Mini Buffet that consisted of 8 dishes, and placed most of the dishes along one table, and the birthday cake and desserts on another.

Best of all, at the end of the entire event, the staff will process all your photos taken from both studios into CDs for you to keep before you go. One of my friends actually exclaimed, "So fast?!" because they originally thought the photos would take a while to process before coming to our hands. I was really glad because I was able to obtain our freshly processed images right on the day of the event!

My favourite people all in one collage =) x

Here are some samples of the processed images from both Selfiebox studios! My friends were extremely into the concept and couldn't stop the fun once they started at it. My lecturer's daughter also came for the party (she's adorable!) and she loved the cute rocking horse in one of the studios. It's nice knowing how they cater to the needs of not just the adults but little kids too!

Had the cake-cutting right before we ended and gave everyone a piece of Spongebob cake to share! I was glad I got to celebrate my pre-birthday celebration with the people who celebrate it with me every year, i.e. my family :-) Well, except for my brother because he was probably too shy to come, haha. Also, the man who spend 24/7 of his available time with me.

Here's Haley with her two bowls of sugarcoated fondant bites and Spongebob figurines! If you were wondering where I got the customized Spongebob cream cake from, I would like to grab this chance to thank the kind sponsors for my 21st Birthday!


From rushing to meet my last minute request to thoughtful gestures such as providing an extra packet of sugar in case the icing on the cake melts, Mad4Bakes never fails to enlighten me with their brilliant customer service. Thank you for the 8" red velvet cream cheese cake and accommodating to the Spongebob theme!

Perfect golden yellow foil balloons that brightened up the backdrop effortlessly. These 40cm (height) letter and number balloons are easily inflated with the straws provided, and could be deflated again for future use. Each balloon is marked at an affordable price of $2.5! I still recall how the owner of Balloon Foil made the effort to slot the flat-packed balloons right at our letterbox for our convenience! Thank you so much!

16 Arumugam Road
Lion Building D
Unit #07-07
Singapore 409961

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Finally, this couldn't have been made possible without the help of Selfiebox! Inclusive of a main hall, two private photobooth studios, professional studio setups, restrooms, air-conditioned rooms and unlimited usage of props and shots in all rooms, it gave an ordinary birthday party an extra oomph given the facilities available! My friends had an immensely great time there and they feedbacked to me on the cozy feeling they experience there.

It's definitely a great place to hold your birthday parties or even gatherings with friends and family! In fact, Selfiebox still has its First Timer Promotion ongoing for the period, so don't miss it out. For more information, feel free to contact them here!

Also, a huge thank you to all my friends for the extravagant gifts this year. Every gift, big or small, holds its meaning to me and I really appreciate the thoughts behind choosing the right gift for me, such as the pair of Swarovski earrings for me to wear out to blogger events and such. :') I don't come from a family living the life of an heir/heiress, and most of my friends are still students and some holding part-time jobs, so it's not every time I receive such gifts so I'm really thankful for them!! Hugs and kisses to everyone of you! :*

Thank you Zi Qi for the Spongebob Balloon! I was dying to have one!!!

That sums up just about everything that happened during my 21st Birthday Party! It didn't feel like a grand event focused on the likes of me, but a mini gathering where the people closest to my heart could mingle together and have fun together. So grateful it turned out well! 

Then again, hitting the 21 y/o mark also meant more responsibilities, more expectations and lesser fooling around like typical Cheow does. It silently whispers, "Time to find a job, time to take greater care of your parents, time to stop behaving like you're 10 and start maturing." I might not be ready for it, but nobody is ever ready until they realize it themselves and work towards their future goals. And I'm hoping that the future me 10 years down the road will look back at this paragraph again and tell my good self, "Good job, you've done well."