Yesterday morning marked another milestone for the Year Three students of Singapore Polytechnic. The moment we've been itching for, the certificate of proof that we'll be receiving, the few moments of glory that we're experiencing that shield our three years of perspiration and hard work away...

Good news — we finally graduated!

Being the first batch of graduates from my course, our lecturers were extremely excited and happy for us as they saw us as babies who grew up under their hands for the past three years. From the first day we stepped in SP to play boring orientation games, to this day we throw on our graduation robes and walk up on stage to collect our certificates. Hence, I've decided to take many pretty photos and document this milestone on this page. In fact, here's an open letter to my fellow graduates who have been through this journey together with me.

First of all, my course mates — we've been through the good, the bad, the ugly. There were disappointing moments when we needed to meet tight project deadlines and got chased out at midnight by security guards, then there were days when we fooled around in lecture halls or laughed at Zhen Dong's hilarious self. Today, after three years of oversleeping for lectures and compiling PowerPoint Slides in the studio, we're done and ready to move on. Here's wishing good luck to those pursuing university studies, and even more luck to those who are ready to enter the work field!

Upon entering the School of Business, I joined the freshmen orientation camp and met a really friendly bunch of kids (yeah, they are still kids) whom I've never expected I'd be so close to even until today. Although we're from different courses, we still text one another regularly, meet up for a quick meal from time to time and just laugh off at the stupidest things that come to our minds. Bigger thanks to Danston for hearing me out every shitty time and hopefully you'll never be tired of my whines.

With orientation camps and programs come students working behind-the-scenes, or so they call, sai kang warriors. It was this lady who pulled me into the organizing committee for the batch 2013/14 of freshmen and together, we interviewed a whole school of facilitators, dealt with complaints and queries, and running around school during the actual camps to ensure that everything went smoothly. Also, secretly gossiping about some weirdos and nutcases we meet along the way. *oops* Thanks for all the laughter together! (especially at Zhi Der)

Apart from the School of Business, how could I forget about my own course? Somehow or rather in Year 1, we were randomly pin-pointed by our course mates and eventually became one of the few people in our Student Chapter. You know I'm really bad at hiding my feelings and little things such as members not contributing sufficiently or giving us half-assed work really irks me. I cannot describe how thankful I (still) am for the both of you in the Student Chapter for dealing with my frustrations and worries, and doing such a brilliant job in whatever you guys produce. *crying emoji*

Of course, what would the course be without the humorous Zhen Dong? (HAHA) From your cold jokes about everything and anything, to your hilarious English talk and small gestures such as a treat from FC5 for my birthday, you're sure one funny guy that Chloe is lucky to have. Glad to see your relationship still going strong and hope to see you on the papers in a few years down the road when they talk about a multi-millionaire from China!

Every lecturer from our course that we've met on the very first day of school seems to have left us or gone non-existent. Every lecturer chose to go, but the both of you stayed on and never left us behind. :-) I'm sorry I'm not the role model student who submits tutorial handouts on time, attends every single tutorial (punctually), or place the best behavior in class all the time. Sometimes, I just wallow in my slightly-antisocial and judgmental self when I see the true colours of someone, and there the two of you are, getting me to accept the harsh reality of the world and be the cheerful self you think I am. I just hope you know how much you three (together with Mr Edwin who didn't have the heart to come down haha) have contributed to my life in Polytechnic. Ms Lam, you really deserve a most caring lecturer award :-)

During our final graded project after FYP, we were posted to our respective companies for Internship. Guess which two most "hardworking" students ended up working together? Although we had our moments of bickering and childish "fights", which still happen, we've gone through so much hardship with one another that actually heightened our Taurus bonds together. Here's to our next truffle fries excursion and hopefully, we will show greater signs of maturity than who we were before.

It all started in the first or second term of Year 1 when we were still gathering people for a trip to Genting Highlands before it was undergoing renovations. All of you guys were from Class 1, and then there was me from Class 2. Never did we know that this bunch of siao-on people would become the closest clique among ourselves in our course, and eventually went on to visit more places such as Berjaya Times Square, Thailand, Hau Wee's house in JB, and our most recent trip a month back to Tioman Island. I guess this also contributed a huge portion to my relationship with Wei Min, which was a blessing in disguise. (referring to the second image) We're just hoping that another blessing in disguise will come around some time soon. *wink*

Within our clique was another clique, and we call our lame selves the F4. It was one of the most memorable parts in my Polytechnic Life getting to know you people, spending our break time together for canteen talks and dinner meals for random gossips and xiao long bads. (no I did not misspell that) I hate to say this but the main contributor that led to my getting together with Wei Min was also thanks to Valetta's "matchmaking skills". To sum it all up, we should visit Universal Studios again. 走啦?

Polytechnic Life would not have been as easy go through (not that it was, though) without you by my side (well, literally most of the time), constantly teaching me how to look at things from a different perspective, be more understanding towards people at difficult situations and pushing me to greater heights even though this sleepyhead definitely isn't the role model himself. I'm just glad that you decided to take a leap of faith two years ago and got us to where we are today.

Although you wouldn't be reading this at the very moment I publish it, I hope that you're slowly adapting to life in the police force and grow to become the proud police officer whom you've always wanted to be. Similarly, I hope to get used to being more understanding towards receiving only two text messages a day and meeting you only two times a week now that you've made a commitment to your job :( It's not going to be easy, but we'll get through this together :-)

Finally, to the ones who have been paying for my school fees, phone bills, textbooks and lecture notes; the ones who encouraged me on during my tough days in my internship; the ones who fetched me to and from school whenever there was time; the ones who are so supportive towards my career path and not forcing me to apply for University studies just because everyone else is doing so. Thank you so, so super much for bringing me up ever since I was a Primary School kid with ponytails to a Diploma Graduate I am at this very moment. :') You both are very important people to me and I hope to be able to care the same for you too when I start having a passive income. Thank you :')

Getting too emotional as I type the last paragraph so I shall not blabber on anymore, haha. Here's to a Happy Graduation to all my course mates and fellow Singapore Polytechnic graduates. :-) Congratulations!