Ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes in the life of a blogger? Feeling perplexed over the reason behind our tendency to lug around bulky DSLR cameras and laptops everywhere we go? Or maybe you're new to the blogosphere and considering walking the path of a blogger? Here is a list of essentials I compiled that each play important roles in my tiny blogging career.

1. Laptop
What makes a good laptop suitable for bloggers? To start off, the laptop that I get has to have a quick i5 or i7 processor in order for me to load my works on a faster pace online, as well as a large storage for my documents and photos. I go for lightweight laptops a lot more than the bulky ones, as I usually carry my laptop around with me pretty often. Many bloggers use the MacBook as it has a cleaner interface in terms of the design aspects, and is said to handle applications such as Photoshop with ease. This article sums up a pretty good description of the suitability of MacBooks, but I've been running on my Fujitsu Lifebook S Series for the past three years.

2. Camera + Backup Battery
I can't go without my trusty DSLR Camera 600D whenever I head out for blogger events, outings and photo shoots. Ever since a friend of mine introduced the amazing f1.8 50mm lens to me, I've become a sucker for photos taken through my camera. It's THE lens to go for if you're on a budget and would like professional-looking photos with a bokeh effect. Also remember to bring along a spare battery to ensure you can use your camera throughout the day without worries.

3. Smartphone
Before you presume this point to be unneeded because "everyone has a smartphone these days", you probably need to rethink the situation. I know of friends in the blogosphere who don't use smartphones, and it pains me a little to see the inconvenience that the absence of smartphones brings them. No involvement in WhatsApp group chats, the absence of applications for social media postings, and lacking updates from on-the-go online news. In a nutshell, it's an extremely important investment that will add great convenience to your life as a blogger. I've been using Apple's iPhone ever since I got my hands on my first iPhone 3GS, and am currently using iPhone 5S.

4. External Hard Drive
One thing that gets me on my nerves is having my laptop crashed and being unable to retrieve the thousands of photos and documents from its internal memory. I have a bad habit of being too lazy to store my photos in an external hard drive and the laziness made me lose my overseas trip photos, company contracts, and important files as a result. Even if you'd like to retrieve those files, you might need to pay a bomb to do so. Hence, here's a word of advice for all bloggers: If you don't already have an external hard drive, GET ONE, AND USE IT.

5. Adobe Photoshop 
When readers enter your blog, they want to see high-resolution images that are clear with good lighting. Make the effort to adjust the brightness, contrast, tone, levels, filters, whatever — it just needs to look appealing enough to catch your readers' eyes. I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS6, but have tried other free-to-use editing software such as PhotoScape and GIMP that can act as pretty good substitutes, too.

6. User-Friendly Blog Template 
Continuing with the appeal factor, a user-friendly blog template tend to be overlooked by many, but don't be surprised by the huge part it plays in keeping your audience on your blog. After I invested in a blog skin, I've had readers telling me how much they preferred the current template because it makes browsing so much easier. I started being a fan of clean, minimal and responsive blog templates that adapts to different browser sizes on for easier mobile browsing. I got my beautiful blog template from Pipdig, but you can also consider other website design developers that I personally love, such as Mairagall and 17th Avenue Designs.

7. Daily Planner
I like to keep a tiny planner with me wherever I go, jotting down notes and blog post ideas whenever a spark of inspiration comes to me. It also keeps me updated with my daily schedule because I tend to be really forgetful and require a platform to jot down my plans. However, if you prefer online tools over physical essentials, I swear by ToDoist to keep my schedules on track and you might want to try it out, too!

8. Cosmetics and Grooming Products
Last but not least, it's always important to keep up your image as an online personality, whether big or small. Female bloggers are always expected to doll up in makeup (i.e. powder, eyeliner, brows) and stylish outfits, while male bloggers are appropriately dressed with proper grooming (i.e. hair gel). Not only does it form a good first impression, but it also results in prettier photos for social media postings. so why not? :)

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