It has been about 4 months since I've ended my 15-weeks Internship Program before graduating from Singapore Polytechnic. 15-weeks might sound like a breeze, but it involved lots of hands-on labour work, planning, organizing, weary nights, and bite-sized pieces of bitching in the work environment along the process. I've previously written about my thoughts on how interns can make the most out of their internship, and today, we'll be looking at some of the types of internship Singapore has to offer and why taking up internships are an essential part of your life,

A reality check. This has been the most meaningful takeaway from the highs and lows of my internship. It taught me how to learn the ropes even if there was minimal guidance, it taught me how to deal with difficult people or superiors despite how much I yearned to speak back, it taught me how what seemed like a simple piece of work might not be as easy as it looked.

Obtaining skills you've never learnt in school. Although 90% of us will take up a Singapore internship that is related to our field of study, we often get the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge that we've never been exposed to in school. It's not about how much you're scoring for your Accounting module, or whether you're going to ace your Marketing project. It's more about the communication skills, hands-on activities, and real-life scenarios that will shape you into a person who is better prepared for the future work force.

Reassure that this field of study is what you really want to pursue as a job. Let's admit — most of us don't know which job position we will land in 10 years from now. We take up a course that we deem as "stable" or "prospective", and go along with the process no matter how much we might end up disliking it. By working under a company in the particular field of industry, you'll get to understand the environment better and experience a taste of what you can expect in this field.

Clinch a full-time job even before graduation. Best part of working for a job you find suitable? If you've performed well, you might even get a job offer to obtain a full-time position in the company you've worked in! Furthermore, you've already learned the ropes and adapted to the work environment, which is definitely a plus point to consider.

In addition to the mentioned pointers, here are some additional guides (click the above tabs for more information) to internships in Singapore that you might find helpful. Just remember that no matter which internship position you get, just strive for better, work towards your goals and always stay humble in anything that you do. Moving on, I'll be writing up a post on the topic of finding part-time jobs, so do keep a look out for it if you're keen to earn some extra cash!