Living in a fast-paced city like Singapore require us to adapt to its growing environment, not to mention how you could get a cup of kopi for tens of cents at the hawker centre in the past, yet having the prices hiked to more than a dollar with the effect of globalization. It's no wonder how many teenagers have started taking up part time jobs Singapore has to offer, even from a young age of 14 when they are still pursuing their studies. Here are some of the many perks of finding part time jobs in Singapore.

Extra pocket money. Who doesn't love having an extra stash of income apart from the pocket money from their parents? In the past, lots of my expenses went to purchasing stationery, going out for movies and meals at shopping malls — the typical after-school hangout for secondary school students. Plus, you get to start saving up at a young age!

Hands-on experience. I remember feeling pretty nervous during the phase when I first took up part time jobs. I was young, clueless and entirely new to the working world. Through the few part time jobs that I have taken until today, I've got to learn lots of different skills and gain new experiences from working an office job or waitressing, to being a beer girl or giving out flyers. I'm sure there will be bad experiences along the way, but bad memories do make good stories at times.

Expanding your social network. I've made many friends after joining different jobs and working under numerous companies. As you grow older, you'll find that having connections is one of the key factors to proceed further in life as you might find yourself needing someone's guidance from time to time when you require assistance. Finding a job allows you to expand your social network and get to know different people from different backgrounds with their own special story to tell.

Time management skills. One thing about working part time while you're still studying is that you might find it difficult to manage your time. It's all about finding the right balance between work, school, family and yourself. I'm not exactly a workaholic — in fact, I'm far from it. However, in cases where people tend to be too passionate about everything, they tend to find difficulties exceeding in every single task. Hence, it's important to train your time management skills and set a reasonable amount of time for each task you're planning to do.

Independence. I enjoy the feeling of knowing that I'm able to support myself and not having to rely on my parents whenever I receive my earnings from a part time job. It feels even better when you start buying meals for them, realizing how you're growing up and taking care of them instead. It's a kind of independence that you'll start appreciating and feeling proud of yourself at the end of the day.

Besides part time jobs for students, some people might prefer working on internships for a period of time instead. Of course, you need to weigh the pros and cons of both cases before applying for the job positions and make the most out of your learning experience. There are so many different opportunities out there, so take a while to choose a suitable one for your career path. Most importantly, enjoy your job because when you 'choose a job that you love, you'll never have to work for a day'. =)