Just last year, my boyfriend and I had a 4D3N stay in Hong Kong for a trip with our friends before the start of my internship. It was our first time booking through Airbnb — a platform where users are able to rent an apartment online by choosing any available accommodation at their travel destination. We wanted an apartment that was reasonably priced, centrally located and well-received by previous guests, and found this apartment rather suitable for us. 


We got a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Kowloon, Hong Kong after looking through their favorable 5-star reviews online from other customers. The entire apartment was ours and it could accommodate 5 guests with 2 bedrooms and 4 beds. We had our own mini kitchen, bathroom, TV, and even a high-security digital lock at our door. Plus, it was a nice feeling knowing that in addition to the security lock, our building also had a 24-hour security guard overlooking the apartment. 


Located at the residential area of Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei, it wasn't a-typical-hotel-stay kind of accommodation but getting a feel of what it was like to blend in with the locals' life living along the residential streets of Hong Kong. It only took us a quick 5-minutes walk to reach the nearest MTR (subway), and the streets also offered local eateries a stone's throw away. I remember eating a late night supper past midnight with my boyfriend, and we had the warmest soups served with a smile. The service we experienced at our local eatery was great!


Besides the fully air-conditioned apartment and free high-speed Wi-Fi (my favourite amenities!), we got to enjoy our stay with the Full HD Led TV with 35 channels, TV internet access and complimentary Nespresso coffee while lounging on the double-bed sofa in the living room. Best of all, you got to enjoy overlooking the city view from your window above and here's all I have to say: the night view is breathtaking.

Bathroom & Kitchen:

The perks of staying in a home apartment is always being able to wash your dirty clothes to lighten the load after your trip. The bathroom houses a 2-in-1 washing dryer machine for guests, along with a steam iron and hair dryer. I was thankful to be able to store my face masks in the fridge as I loved them ice cold wheres some apartments don't provide such basic amenities. Of course, you get to cook your own meal whenever you want to with the cooking utensils provided, but I'd much rather hunt for their famous street food at night markets. 


Our host, CK, was honestly exceptional in providing us with assistance during our stay in the apartment. Before our trip, he briefed us via mobile on his point of contact and details we may need to reach the apartment. As soon as we've reached, we waited a while before he picked us up to the apartment and greeted us with a fully air-conditioned apartment with soothing background music. How delightful! CK gave us tips on eateries, directions, places of attraction and simple culture ethics in Hong Kong for our knowledge. In fact, he lent us his spare mobile phone to keep in contact with him in Hong Kong! We were so pleased with his kind gesture. After the trip, he thanked us for our stay (it usually is the other way round, isn't it?) and ensured our cab came to pick us up to the airport. 

Overall Experience:

Apart being slightly disappointed by the size of the actual apartment as it shrunk in comparison to the photos posted online, our stay at CK's 2 Bedroom Apartment in Kowloon, Hong Kong was extremely pleasant — the cool temperatures, amenities, convenient hot-spot services, and most importantly, our host's patience in making us feel at home. Oh, and let me reemphasize again how amazing the street view at night was from our bed. So thankful how enjoyable our first Airbnb experience turned out to be!

As much as I'd love to blog about my Hong Kong trip, the photos have sadly been *sniff* wiped clean from my laptop after a corruption occurred in the hard disk. Thankfully, I managed to document a short write-up on my thoughts on the protest in Hong Kong when we were present at the scene. And if any of you are planning to find a place to stay in Hong Kong, hope you found this useful for your trip!

Here are some extra credits on your first Airbnb trip! x