It has already been more than half a month past January, and it feels as though we just ushered 2016 in just yesterday. The past few weeks have been about taking a leap to drop a potential career, exploring new paths and gaining inspiration from the supportive people around me. I'm definitely blessed to be given another chance to walk the route less taken, yet wouldn't deny having fears of the possible predicaments at the back of my mind. If there's one thing I'll force myself to achieve for a change this year, it would be to push my limits and walk the talk.

One of the tasks that I struck off my list this month was to create a whole new interface for my blog. I wanted a template that provides a clean interface with a more user-friendly experience, yet keeping its essence of content. Here are some of the major highlights undergone that have successfully made me equally excited to blog with this whole new layout going on.

1. Scaling down blog topics

In all honesty, I've struggled too long with the battle of writing on topics that covered lifestyle content (basically, anything that I'd like to cover), against narrowing my focus down to topics that married my love for controversial write-ups and travelogues. I would definitely say that general content would be a lot easier to produce because of the variety of topics you can curate. However, I've decided that I should scale down my topics that contain less-commercialized content that I have a love for.

2. Full width slideshow for most recent updates

Time to make a confession on the main reason why I purchased the template — because my previous skin had a mid-width slideshow and I wanted a full-length banner so desperately. It's much more appealing to the eyes and I'm extremely in love with the structure of how the fonts are aligned. Now you can catch a bigger glimpse of my recent updates like this huge spread of Northern Lights in Finland!

3. Sidebar banners with profile

Used to only have a single-column blog template because I wanted my pictures to be centralized and be able to capture attention. Now that I'm able to have a tiny sidebar column on the side, while still being able to have my content stand out, it really pleases me how I can now have tiny details by the side such as my profile and popular posts.

4. Clean, minimal layout for articles

What's not to love about the clean layout for my articles?! I've been a little obsessed with marble, whites and into the whole minimal scene lately, and this entire layout makes me feel so aesthetically pleased. Tiny details such as a fade-in effect really submits to my slight OCDs and the perfectionist inside of me.

5. Take a peek into my recommendations

Last but not least, I've arranged my reviews on a separate page so you can take a peek into my recommendations here. Not all posts are paid or sponsored advertorials, and even so, these are all honest opinions from my personal point of view. Do check out the different categories that appeal to your liking and you can always reach out to me if there are certain places you'd like me to review on. With all that said, hope you have a more enjoyable time spent reading my blog, and I will do my best to upload on a more regular basis and keep this page alive. Happy mid-week! 

Chelsea x