Cheers to a new chapter of life as we close the chapters in 2015 and flip to the first page of 2016. I'll be honest that it was harder to close the final chapter of the book compared to the previous years as I felt that I wasn't ready for the new beginning. I had tons of unfinished tasks on my list and had already started to dwell on certain activities that were already planned for me in 2016. The thought of entering into a new beginning with uncertainty scares me, with bigger responsibilities to carry by the day. With everyone jotting down a list of their amazingly-sounding 2015 events, it occurred to me how I didn't seem to have achieved enough. I got down to organizing my life better by penning my thoughts, and reflected on the previous chapter of life.

With that, what have I actually gotten out from my own 2015 story of events?

Graduation. // Finally concluded my journey in polytechnic after a roller coaster ride of three years. It was still a memorable experience and I still catch up with the closer bunch of friends in school from time to time. Met my favourite lecturers and better yet, the love of my life who has been there with me through thick and thin for the past years. He's still my greatest blessing from entering SP, and I'm excited to find out what the next few chapters in life has in store for the both of us. :)

Turned 21. // For most people, it was a sign of holding huge parties, lots of booze, and a pass to legality. As for me, it marked a day that got me donning on the great responsibilities I have — as an elder sister to my brother, as a daughter to my parents, as a girlfriend to my boyfriend, as a friend to my colleagues and people in my life, and as an individual to myself.

Entered the modeling/talent industry. // I've never really mentioned much on this before, but I've been working as an events talent for a year and have been exposed to so many job opportunities through my first time working as a replacement at a pub. It was such a blessing in disguise not only because the job pays you well just to talk and look chio, but also how it allows me to meet new people from different backgrounds. Will definitely keep this job up for as long as I can still continue to look chio! :)

Poster girl achievement unlocked. // Many of my peers have exclaimed signs of excitement for me with regards to winning a social media competition some time during the previous year. It was definitely an achievement, how surreal it seemed to have myself plastered against the walls of Cineleisure Orchard, especially with Xiaxue judging the competition. As thankful as I still am, I'd just like to say that I'm definitely not a celebrity/star or anything near. There's still a lot I need to learn from many of the top personalities, such as inspiring individuals like Andrea herself. Then again, I'm ever so thankful for Cineleisure, the judges and my peers for your support. Thank you for believing in me. :)

Working with new brands, people, PR cos. // A long time back, my blog used to be a platform to simply jot down my everyday activities. Along the way, I found myself being exposed to greater opportunities to work with amazing people from different agencies, PR companies and brands. Extremely thankful for the new collaborations and people met in 2015, and will definitely work harder to become a better online personality.

Visited amazing places. // Finally, I'm forever grateful for the chance to travel to old and new places with my loved ones each year. This year, we covered Taiwan, UK, Bali, Boracay, Perth, Bintan, and the amazing Finland that many people have been asking me about. Will definitely be blogging about it soon! Travelling has always been a part of me that makes me refuel and recharge after months of work, and be exposed to experiences that can never be bought. It's amazing how blessed I am for these opportunities, and here's to my love for exploring newer and better places and getting to experience it with my family and loved ones.

Now that 2015 has come to an end, here's to many things that have been wandering in my mind for the past few weeks before the closure of the year, which might be helpful to you too to improve yourself — 

Listen more, talk less. // I often find myself having loads of advice to give and opinions to convey, but one thing that we should remember is to always talk less, listen more, because the quieter you become, the more you can hear.

Blocking out negativity. // One of my weaknesses, which I believe is applicable to most human beings out there, is that I'm prone to negativity around me. Be it people who try to bring me down or failures, it crushes me easily and I find myself having to pick myself up again. This 2016, I'll keep my fingers crossed to become a more positive individual. :) As the saying goes, the law of attraction helps you attract positive energy in life!

Be organized and well-planned. // I'm a huge fan of organizing my day and week plans, as this allows me to keep myself and my life on track, However, I have this bad habit of the lack of determination to stick to my plans, and postponing my tasks. Time to schedule to plans well and stick to them the best that I can.

Getting up earlier. // Pretty sure we all face this situation every morning, how we'd love to snooze for just another five minutes and laze all day. I find myself rewarded with more time by waking up early in the morning instead of mid-afternoon, when the day just whizzes past quickly thereafter. First of all, I need to get about changing my WhatsApp status that have had me 'sleeping' for at least a few years.

Having more self-confidence. // I detest how much I lack in self-confidence. After all, I'm only human, and we will meet days when we just feel that we're not good enough. It's time to change this thinking, because great things are coming your way. All we need is a little more faith, a little more confidence, a little more love, a little more positivity, and to believe that we are capable of making big things happen.

Be more giving. // It's the first day of the New Year, and it dawned on me how I've already turned two donations down along my way to the shopping mall. How I can spend seven bucks on a drink at Starbucks, and I can't spare an old lady a dollar for tissues, or donating a couple of dollars for the elderly. I need to change this selfish act, and I'll do it starting now.

Save first, spend later. // My bank account has been depleting fast and tremendously, and I always find myself spending a great amount before getting struck the realization that I need to start earning and saving more. With huge plans in the years to come to get a house, get married and start a family, I really need to start managing my finances well.

Of course, there are many areas that we need to improve on, but don't forget the fact that you're special in your own way. Don't forget to still be yourself, but improving a little of yourself each day. Whenever you're feeling down, stop to ponder: how there will always be someone out there who's in a similar situation to you with greater responsibilities to carry and worries to fret. How there will always be someone above and below you, how even the best people fall sometimes, but the most important thing is to be a better you than who you were yesterday.

With that, here's to making the most out of our ups and downs in 2016. May it be a meaningful roller coaster ride for you and me. :)

Chelsea x