As many of our friends already know, my boyfriend and I love planning impromptu vacation trips to Bintan to unwind and recharge. We love spending time enjoying the joys that Bintan has to offer, which definitely includes the delightful seafood dishes that we always return for. Having stayed at Bintan Lagoon Resort for numerous occasions, we find ourselves returning time and again for a getaway.

On our recent return to Bintan Lagoon Resort a few months back, I've curated a set of instagram-worthy shots in hope to inspire travelers on shoot ideas at the resort. Of course, there are plenty of other backdrops to have your picture taken at, especially with the resort offering plenty of activities at picturesque places like the open golf course.

With all that said, I'm really looking forward to our next stay in Bintan again, or even be a part of #BLRalchemists if the opportunity arises. The best part is how convenient it is to travel over, simply by a ferry ride and you'll be at your tropical paradise within hours! If you're keen on finding out more, you can always suggest on topics for me to cover during my vacations here or in the comments below, and check out my previous travelogues for reads on my previous experiences. Ah, the bliss of exploring the world!

Chelsea x